Monday, December 5, 2011

Everyone's doing it!

Every one is posting posting pictures of their Christmas decorations that is. I'm very anti - dowhateveryoneelsedoes or very against "cliche" things- but it is Christmas after all and we are getting into the spirit.

It's been fun to see Carson finally starting to recognize Christmas trees everywhere and lights and just get excited about it. (although I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a clue about much except for christmas trees and lights) I'm not very crafty or very good about decorating any time of year - so Christmas is pretty slim in our house mostly b/c I'm either lazy or not good at knowing what to do with decorating.  It took us a total of probably 30 min to decorate and that may or may not include setting up the tree. :(

I love that we have a fireplace!!!!!!

Simple is the way!

Hopefully this year I can get some clearance items for next year and spice up our collection of decorations :)

It's an exciting time of year and I love all the celebration and excitement and merriment that comes with it. I love all the food making/eating too. I love the little bit of extra socialization too. I hope to pass on all this joy to my sons. :)

But also need to start implementing the meaning behind the season. What we are celebrating - the birth of our Savior who came in fulfillment of God's perfect plan, to save a wretched soul like me and make me and heir with him. I pray that one day my sons will know the truth of the Gospel and accept it.


Michelle said...

I LOVE THAT YOU HAVE A FIREPLACE, TOO!!!! It's gorgeous! I'm totally jealous! {I have to hang my stockings on the wall...LOL...not sure how Santa can slide down our "wall"...LOL}

Trina Mayfield said...

The tree always makes it look decorated enough - just with that! But I'm sure you will get more things over time and it won't be long until you have a lot of decorations! It looks really nice to me - and I LOVED seeing your house again!:-)

Mommie Couture said...

Decorating is so much fun! Glad you showed off your decorations! :)

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