Wednesday, May 16, 2012

little Brother Graduates! Wow!

We just got back from our trip to the midwest last night. Man! What a trip it was! Lots of time spent with family making memories and experiencing life milestones. It was a packed 5 days but we enjoyed every minute of it.
You see - our family is a very close family - 3 sisters (twins and exactly a year and two days apart made for best friends in every situation of life) and a brother and awesome parents. Growing up we were the only ones that understand everything about each other. When we were in the states people didn't understand our lives in Ecuador, when we were in Ecuador people had no clue about life in the states.  WE spent hours in the car together on furlough, we loved each other during hard times in the ministry. WE stayed close to each other and always had each other's backs. Fast forward a few years and we are spread out all over the states and Ecuador and it's about to be spread over the whole world. Times to get together are fewer and farther between so we cherish these moments and understand the importance of them - you see - we understand what it's like to stay close even though there is distance between us. We understand the hard part of saying good bye and the joy of saying Hello again - and we appreciate time with each other so much!

Run Down of our trip -
Wed - May 9th drive after work an hour down to Brother's House in Denver. (insert boys screaming for about an hour and half and not going to sleep until about 11:30) :)
Thurs - May 10th wake up bright and early (5:30) and leave for airport by 6 am. Fly 2 hours to Chicago. Get picked up around 11ish. Drive 5 hours to Dunbar WI (I think it took more like 7 hours) finally get settled into hotel and down for the night
Fri - May 11th drive 40 min to school for awards chapel. Then back to Iron Mt MI to the hotel for a small family celebration of my Brother graduating from college!!!! Good Job Jeffrey!
Saturday May 12th - drive 40 min to Northland International University to watch my brother graduate. Celebrate afterwards for a while. Finally leave about 1pm. Drive to chicago to drop of my sister and her husband, then 3 more hours to my Grandparents house.
Sunday - May 13th - enjoy a great Mother's Day with my wonderful amazing mother, and my grandmother, and my twin and my own family
Monday - May 14th Celebrate my parents 29th Anniversary, visit my Aunt's farm, and enjoy as much family time as possible
Tues - May 15th Drive 3 hours back to Chicago airport, fly 2 hours, drive about an hour and half back home. Get home about 8:30ishpm.

good Job Jeff!

Proud Parents - happy to be done paying for college :)

Proud Grandparents

This picture cracks me up - trying to get a picture with a ton of screaming kids :)

The Original Family!! :)


Cute! Uncle Jeff with Daniel
p.s. he was the only one not screaming I think :)
It was quite the trip, with tons of traveling. Boys did awesome for what we required of them.  They played and played with their cousins, got to know Gramie and Grampie better, and great Grandma and Great Grandpa (who opened their house to our whole family and put up with a lot more noise and rambunctiousness that they are used to). It was an awesome long weekend!

I'll be posting more pictures throughout the week. Don't want to overwhelm you with too many! But boy! did we have a great time! Thank you God for giving us this gift of family and time together!
One last picture of my Love.
I realized there wasn't any pictures of him - and I needed to prove
he was there with us :) too bad I didn't get a good picture with the whole family!


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

It was the best!! Great memories, great family time, and great bonding! I loved reconnecting! I'm so proud of Jeff!! I might do a post like this :-)

kellyH said...

how fun to get back to northland! it's so out of the way I'm kind of sad I might never be back there. :) glad you had such a great trip! totally cracks me up that they still give the be great serve towels!! =)

Trina Mayfield said...

How come Richard isn't in the picture with the screaming kids? I love that picture because the chaos is so normal and natural for our family!!!! What a great time together we had!

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