Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding in Colorado Springs

This weekend was packed full of family time, friend time, and picnics, sunny weather, and weddings.  i dont' think we could not have asked for a better combination of things to go on this weekend. But it's late tonight and I'm feeling very uninspired so this will probably be short. It always seems I think of the best things to write during the day when the kids are up or there's stuff to do and then at night when I have a chance I just want to lay down and veg! (is anyone else out there like this??!?!)
Saturday started off with a nice 5 + mile run, then plenty of family time at a park (which I'm sure I'll post pictures of that some day soon) then a drive down to Denver

We stayed overnight with Richard's brother and his family. We always love going down there and the kids play great together.
Sunday we had a wedding to go to in Colorado springs. We left our boys in Denver with their Aunt and Uncle and cousins to go to their church and Richard and I took a drive down for the wedding. You could not have asked for a more perfect venue, weather, or friends to enjoy a nice Sunday wedding with. It was such a relaxing and fun atmosphere, beautiful and so fun. We just really enjoyed ourselves.

Now I will admit, most of this is probably
due to the fact that we didn't have 2 little boys
to chase around all day in a weird situation
that was hard and tiresome.
 We actually had real long conversations with our friends
and enjoyed each other's company so much.

Richard and I made a day of it. And after the wedding we took a drive through Garden of the gods. it was absolutely amazing and these pictures do not do it justice at all! It was amazing and I hear there is a 10mile race there every year that I will definitely put on my bucket list of races to do in Colorado. 
It was a wonderful day - and we enjoyed ourselves so much. We were relaxed, enjoying being on a whole day date together and it was refreshing.
I don't usually post pictures of scenery much but it was amazing. Although now I remember why i don't do it that much - it never does it justice! But still - I was in heaven all day that day, with the sunshine, friends, wonderful husband . . . 

Some of our new friends! A dear dear couple - part of our "lifegroup"
We have really grown to love them
They are new christians and their desire to
search out God's word and learn
is infectious!
We love them to death!

I was more than ready to see my boys (who apparently could've cared less if i was there or not, but either way) I loved their hugs and kisses and was refreshed to face a week with them again.


doddyj said...

oh, I LOVE those dates - when you are ready to come back to your kids in a refreshed sort of way. :) Garden of the gods is gorgeous! We've been there and our visit there was what convinced me I want to live in Colorado Springs one day!

Trina Mayfield said...

Definitely a needed time! Actually, the pictures are beautiful, but I know what you mean about them not doing the real scenery justice! We love Colorado and it was nice to see pictures of familiar places again. Maybe we'll need to visit down there again this summer. Anyway, so glad you had such a great weekend!

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