Monday, May 7, 2012

Love your Neighbor

Can't think of a good title for this post.
Man - we have been super busy. And I don't even feel like I have anything to write and show for it! It seems like my days are filled with being a mother with toddlers, taking care of my house and all the responsibility that comes with that, helping other's in need, serving the community around me, activities in the church and social activities (which I love). I don't want to just list everything we've done b/c that's annoying - needless to say we have been packed busy!
 I've been challenged so much with giving up of my time. Loving others in my life by giving as much as i can, unreservedly, unselfishly. But that comes with selfish feelings of being tired, wanting to just chill, doing what I want. What a battle inside my heart of giving to others of my resources and time to show Christ's love but also balanced with taking care of my family and my house. Our pastor's have been going through 1 John in our church services and I am challenged to show my faith by loving others in so many ways. Not judging others, assuming the best of everyone, giving of time and energy and money with no holding back. But after a couple weeks of seemingly every day doing something - I"M TIRED! Where is the balance???!??
This Dazed look before church is exactly
how we all feel around here. ha
Still trying to figure it out! I'll keep you posted.
If you have any helpful hints I'm interested in hearing how other's do it without just getting "TIRED" and feeling like not doing it anymore!
Or maybe it's ok to "take a break". Maybe it's ok to just chill and recharge. I think so :)

Anyways- all that to say - we're going on a trip! A fun trip to see my whole family! My parents, my sisters, my brother graduate, and my nephews. i cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a big list-maker. So I have a ton of lists
I hope I don't forget anything
But I have tons to get done and figure out before I leave. so i probably won't post until we get back - but hopefully by then I will have fun family pictures, lots of funny stories and a refreshed perspective. I think this Gardner family needs a change of pace - and some good ol' chill time!

weird storm came through and sucked our screen door in. We were locked inside
on Sunday morning and Richard had to  break it to get out!

See ya in a few days!

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Trina Mayfield said...

Yes, I think the family time together was JUST what you needed. I hope it recharged your batteries and gave you a different perspective on life! The Lord is good and He gives strength to continue on! Keep up the GREAT work of living for Him and pleasing Him by serving others! LOVE YOU, JESS!

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