Friday, May 4, 2012

10 Random Facts Friday!

1. This whole week we had colds as a family! But thankfully no one threw up except for Landon, so in my book it wasn't too bad. I lived in a state of paranoia waiting for the next person to throw up - but just a fluke puke :)
2. We're doing something with people every night from Weds - Saturday night! Wow! It's a good thing I like socializing. :)
3. I'm also watching someone else's kids from Weds - Sat every day! Truthfully I'm really glad to help others b/c I understand what a big help it is! and now I have a bunch in the bank for my own kids (hehehe)
4. Swapping babysitting is really the only way to go - was reading on fb on a friend's status about the going rate for a true babysitter - and came to the conclusion that Swapping babysitting is really the only way to do it!!!
5. all week long I have ideas for this here post, and now I can't seem to think of any of them.
6. I think I'll call myself a runner now that I completed the half, b/c it's in my blood now, I love the feeling of a good run the morning.
7. Carson had his first Dentist apt. I was wicked nervous - but it went ok. the first visit they introduce him to the tools, and see if he will let them look in his mouth, and try to get xrays. It went pretty good. Prognosis - I need to get him to stop sucking his thumb (any tips??? he only does it to fall asleep and if he's upset about something) and I need to start flossing his teeth!!! UM - how in the world do you do that???!!!!??!!
8. This week I really re-focused and concentrating on praying to God for each moment that I needed patience and I remained calm in a lot of the frustrating circumstances that present themselves with toddlers. I'm thankful that he's teaching me and slowly I'm learning how to try to be a self controlled momma and wife! Still have a long ways to go - but God's love and grace are unchangeable.
9. In 6 days - we are leaving for a 6 day trip!!! And i will be able to see my whole family! I CANNOT WAIT!
10. This weekend marks a year since Richard Graduated! I cannot believe it!

Have a great weekend everyone and ENJOY!

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