Friday, May 18, 2012

10 Random Fact Friday

1. Landon has a huge scrape on the side of his face from falling down some cement stairs. and yesterday got a HUMONGOUS goose egg right beside that on his forehead from falling straight into the corner of the door jam! ayayay - this kid makes me so nervous!
Please, please excuse the gross disgusting drool that is there!
My dad would be appalled I posted this picture.
His drool is MUCH better due to speech therapy
But not when he wacked his head and was crying, so sorry

2. I'm still just relishing in the wonderfulness of what our weekend was! It was so awesome to spend so much time with my family!

3. I thought our lives would slow down after that trip - but they are not! Still busy busy busy

4. Tonight - Richard's boss is taking us out to eat! and I could not be more ecstatic!!!!!!!!!! We have a babysitter and we don't have to pay for the meal! I cannot wait!!!!!!!!

5. The only that I "HAVE" to do today is vaccuum - I hope I get that done. It seems that the less I have to do, the less actually gets accomplished. I need a huge list of things so that I stay on task!

6. The weather while we were in the midwest could not have been more perfect! Sunny, warm, but not too humid! We spent so much time outside! The boys loved it - and momma loved it even more.

7. all Carson wanted to do today was go to the tennis courts with his wagon - so That's what we did!

8. The air quality in Fort Collins right now is terrible and it's all people are talking about. There is a really bad fire burning, and the smoke is awful in town. Thankfully it hasn't seemed to affect our family much - but I know a lot of other's with Asthma or other related health problems are struggling. Let's pray that it dies down soon

9. Did I mention I'm really psyched for tonight??!!?? oh yea I did - but just making sure you all knew :)

10. Carson wouldn't eat his yogurt today b/c it was "bumpy". It was a different brand and the consistency slightly different. He seems to be so picky about different/new textures and something that is not "normal". It's weird. But I know can be normal for some kids. I tried my hardest to not have a picky kid - but alas, He is picky! If nothing else, I've learned to not judge other mother's b/c they seemingly aren't doing it right, I believe every decent mother is trying to do it right. Sometimes you just can't control everything - and we have to be ok with that!

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Trina Mayfield said...

I always love to read about your random fact Fridays! They don't seem random to me - but it does give me more of a glimpse into your lives! How is Landon's scrapes and bump? I hope it has healed fine!

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