Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cousin time

One thing that I was so thankful for this weekend was time my boys could play with their cousins. I know that these times will be few and far between and I want my boys to know their family and enjoy time with their cousins. Watching them interact and play (and fight :)), was so fun. Carson's excitement to get to play with Daniel and Aaron every day, his excitement to find out they were going to our next destination with us so he can play there! All of it was just so wonderful for this momma to enjoy!

Here are some good pictures of them just enjoying each other!

Cute baby Dominic

Mother day Photo Shoot

Fun at the Farm

Smelly cows!

 Chasing Cats on the farm!

Riding the Tractor with Grampie

1 comment:

Trina Mayfield said...

Oh, what a great weekend we had! It's taking me through these days when I miss everyone again!!! I already can't wait to be together again!!!! And I LOVE all the pictures of our weekend that you have put on the blog!

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