Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beauty in every day life

This week we really took a break from STUFF! We've been busy meeting friends at the park, watching other friend's kids, doing church things,  hanging out all weekend long building friendships and "community", and truly ENJOYING ourselves. But all fun must come to an end. I really think we drove the  boys into the ground. They were pretty sick/tired this week. It was had been weeks of running here and there, shorter naps, and weekends even worse with random meals and tons of Snacks!!!! And I think we as humans can only take so much of that.

This week for literally 3 days we STAYED HOME! We watched a tiny bit more tv than normal and we didn't play with any friends. :( But we are on the mend and right back on track! We had fun still and we really ENJOYED our week. It's always nice to have a change of pace every once in a while. And we're re-charged for a chock full weekend. :) I truly ENJOYED my days with the boys, not feeling any pressure to do other things, truly playing with them and showing them all my love and attention. It was refreshing - even though they were sick and extra whiny.

P.S. We're going on a trip next week and I will be with my entire immediate family! sisters, brother, parents and children, (and grandparents) all celebrating my brother's graduation from college and a bonus of all being together on Mother's day, with my Mother! I'm PSYCHED! Because this momma needs some special time with her mom and sister and needs to see her kids play with their cousins! Can't wait!

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