Thursday, May 24, 2012

Because my life is this exciting . . .

So in light of Yesterday's post - I thought I would show you all how exciting my life really is. You know, I strive to keep a clean house, and it takes work. But I also have 2 boys in a tiny apartment. I know it's good for them to have fun and play and make a mess. But then - it turns into this . . .

It all started when we left our stroller in Illinois and my parents had to mail it to us - which by the way, would've probably  been cheaper to buy a new one! UGH!

We got it in this box - and Richard went to open it one day before work, realized it was full of packing peanuts and said he didn't have time, so he'll have to take it out later, making sure I didn't need it that day. 
Carson of course saw them and thought they were so cool. So shortly after Daddy left for work, he starts getting a few of them out. He is such a sweet guy, and makes sure to ask me if this is ok. I figure - what's the harm, let them have fun. so I let him work at trying to get a few out here and there. And he is loving it!
 Then he figures out how to take the tape off, and I start to realize the little bit of a mess I allowed to happen. But never in my WILDEST dreams did I imagine what came next!
Look at how excited he was! How can you say no to that smile?!?!

 Slowly more and more packing peanuts starting coming out. I thought, surely, there isn't that many more. all the while Carson is laughing so much and getting a kick out of it!
 Eventually - his room was covered 2 inches deep in packing peanuts. A sea of Packing Peanuts. OH. MY. GOODNESS.!!!!! Why in the world did they put so many in those boxes?
 he was literally in Heaven!!!!! This is him jumping off his bed onto a pile of them. He was swimming, rolling, jumping for a while in his bedroom.
 He was just so excited.
Needless to say - I spent over a half hour picking them all up by hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a mess! I told Carson that he had to help me clean it up before he made the mess. So the entire time I'm reminding this precious 3 year old that he said he would help me, and keeping his mind on track. A few times he was getting impatient and kept saying "this is taking a long time". (and i will even admit that all my cool mommy awards were taken away with the frustration of cleaning them all up!)
Yeah! I know Carson. I hope you had fun playing in them. Because this is not fun for either of us now!
We filled 2 huge boxes of packing peanuts! And putting him to bed that night we were still finding them! What a mess!

See don't you all want to be a stay at home mom - cleaning up these messes??!!???!!!????
Note to self - think of other ways for the boys to have fun!


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

You are a fantastic mother!! He really did look so happy! Great post!!

Tim, Kristen , Megan, Emily, and Anna said...

Life is definitely not boring with kids. This post made me laugh b/c it looks like so much fun for those kids, but you are right, clean up is not fun. These are memories that you are making with your kiddos!

Tiff said...

Ha! Ha! Love the look on his face!!! What is it with packing peanuts and bubble wrap - kids love them!! You're a great mom! =)

Trina Mayfield said...

Just seeing the pictures made me think the clean-up had to be worth it all - his face tells it all!!! I saw the lady putting those peanuts in there and thought - wow, that's a lot of peanuts and it's not even breakable!!! Anyway, a great memory to have - for you and Carson - and you will talk about it for YEARS to come!:-)

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