Monday, April 30, 2012

Let's Go Fly A Kite

This weekend believe it or not - more friends from PA came out to visit us!!!!! HOW AWESOME!!!!!
This family has 2 little twin boys exactly 2 weeks younger than Carson, and they were best buds when we lived in PA. We spent as much time together as we could and ran our boys ragged the whole weekend!

Sunday afternoon a local park had a Kite Festival! It was So COOL!!!!! They even had a station to make kites for free for the kids, and the kites actually flew! And the boys did it and were loving it. (and I'm sure would've loved it even more if they had gotten their naps first. :) )

What boy doesn't like Kites?


The Shupp family! too bad this is the only pic I took of them :(

Daddy showing them how it's done

the homemade kite that actually works!!!!

Look at Landon!!!! he actually was flying it!

This was a different day at a park, I thought it was funny that all the boys were throwing rocks
into the water. Even the dads still love it!
This man right here is my HERO! He deserves the best dad award!!!! No one can match this!!!! Right after our super fun afternoon of kite flying and running around, Landon threw up ALL OVER our car!!! I mean it was everywhere! We were stopped at a gas station when it happened! This man right up in that picture completely cleaned everything!!!!! I had no idea what to do and was gagging like crazy just undressing the kid! But Richard completely took care of everything! even when we got home! He is AMAZING! I would've still been sitting at that gas station trying to figure out what to do, and trying to not throw up myself!


Trina Mayfield said...

This kite day is SO COOL!!!! What a great day! And, I think Landon got sick because he was so tired. It must be his way to counteract the tiredness. Wow - great job, Richard! Good thing he can clean it up since you totally can't!:-) What a really fun weekend!

Michelle said...

Annaleigh threw up all over the car about a month ago...and yes, gross doesn't even begin to describe it! Sorry that happened to you, but glad Rich took care of it!

What neat stuff CO does for it's citizens!! The kite flying looked like it was so so so much fun!!!

doddyj said...

Awesome pictures! Wow, what a gorgeous day for the kite flying.

So sorry about the throw up fest, but I feel your pain. Phil and I have an agreement that he will be in charge of throw up as long as I take care of loose teeth. Lol, however, up until now, the roles have sadly been switched and we've shuddered at doing each other's jobs.

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