Friday, March 30, 2012

10 random Facts Friday (Dedicated to twins)

1. It's the sorta relationship that you have basically primarily through texts (b/c you both have 2 rowdy boys who know the second you get on the phone to talk)
2. It's been week full of little sleep, whiny sick boys, coughing fits
3. it's when you feel like you've given to others to help encourage and there is nothing left for your day.
4. It's that moment you text your twin "I'm tired of mothering"
5. and her text back makes you feel like the most special person in the entire world. it's the one thing you needed to refresh and pick yourself up and face those whiny kids and the doc apt ahead.
6. It's the fact that she has 2 sick boys, and she knows the highs and lows of motherhood.
7. She doesn't judge you at all for that honest text - and she says the right thing back to you.
8. And it helps you more than anything else someone says. b/c you know she is being honest, and she understands life, and she knows your heart!
9. Its an irreplaceable relationship (and it wasn't always like this)
10. It's a little of God's grace being poured out in my life and his loving kindness being shown through one of His daugthers.

Our 4 boys last Summer

Thanks Jerelyn!!!!!

P.S. I also have a younger sister who is equally as encouraging and a blessing to my soul!!!!! Thanks Juli!


Michelle said...

I love this post! (it makes me secretly wish I had a You two are two of the most beautiful girls, btw!!! Glad you have such a sweet connection with each other now!! That's so special.

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

Seriously cried! You are so sweet! :-) You and Juli are my best friends and I want to encourage you guys the same way you are always encouraging me. My only wish was that we lived closer and I could of come and taken the boys for alittle while or visited with you over some coffee! Miss ya Jess! (Oh how I wish I was skinnier! lol)

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...
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Jessica said...

It's so awesome that you're a twin! I've always wished to be a twin. It's such a special bond.

Trina Mayfield said...

Wow - this brought tears to my eyes! I remember the day(s) . . . and how I longed for you two to have this relationship! I'm so glad you have each other to experience this motherhood together!!! And, actually, I LOVE that my daughters get along SO WELL!!!!:-) (and that I get along with them as well, now that we're all adults!)

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