Thursday, March 15, 2012

Like most of the US we have been experiencing an amazing spring! This winter was wonderful here in Fort Collins. Although I hear it's not always this easy/nice. But this year to welcome us here - it was a beautiful winter. And spring has been so wonderful. I've seen on FB that all across the nation are good warm temps and Fort Collins has been no exception - Absolutely AMAZING!

So we've been heading outside literally the entire day the boys are awake. Even though we don't have a back yard, we find a way. Which that also means no housework gets done, but who cares about that. If we're outside more the inside won't need as much cleaning anyways. 
Look at how grown up he is! I can't believe it!!!!
 I have been amazing lately at how OLD Carson is looking! He is not a toddler anymore but a little boy! He has such a sweet spirit about him. (read this post and see why I'm so thankful we've turned a corner) He is imagining so many things now and plays so well. He plays with his trucks or his cars and thinks up scenarios on his own. He's very agile and coordinated and being outside more I've noticed that even more. He is very active.
 Landon too is no baby anymore. :( This makes my mommy heart so sad! But it's inevitable. He is improving leaps and bounds with his speech and even using gestures too! he is as smart as can be. But he also knows he can have a choice about what he does. He seems to be more persistent with disobeying than his brother ever was! But he still loves to cuddle and will always be held by "momma". :)

 Landon imitates/copies everything his brother does! It's very cute to see and Carson hasn't caught on yet! But they are quite the pair!!!!
I've realized that if we have lunch and snack outside - there is way less cleanup!!!!!! So out we go for everything. No wiping of the booster/highchairs or vacuuming the floor - just pure dirt under the fingernails and crumbs for the ants!


Tim, Kristen , Megan, Emily, and Anna said...

We too have been loving this weather! It is so much fun to play outside with the kiddos!

Tiff said...

I love having picnic lunches with the kids outside, just so I don't have to clean up the mess afterwards, too! =)

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