Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patty's Day

We celebrated St Patrick's Day in true form in honor of our "heritage" that we have from living in Scranton. We just can't ignore this holiday once you lived there b/c Scranton, my friends, goes ALL OUT when it comes to this holiday!!!! One of the biggest parades ever (and longest). 

I've talked a little here about my first half Marathon race coming up next month. I'm so nervous and will probably always question if I am capable of doing it or not! But in the meantime I decided to do this fun, fund-raiser 5k race just for kicks. I'm already in running condition so why not! This is the first 5k that I've done where I've been doing double or more in my daily runs. So I was wondering how fast I could do it. My goal for the race was all 3 miles under 9 min each! And guess what - the average time was 8:30 min/miles and total time was 26 min 24 sec! I was stoked. 

The Venue was not even close to big
enough for as many people as came out for the
race! So crowded everywhere!!!!

My poor two boys get dragged out to these races and never
seem too thrilled about it!

Me and my wonderful supportive Husband

AHHHHH - so crowded!!!!! 2800 people trying to fit into a tiny place
and race on a tiny course!
Coming into the finish! so many people!!!! and notice the 7yr old boy
keeping up with me! yeah - makes me feel real good!
 And I just want to add! We have made wonderful friends here. One family in particular just moved into the area shortly after we did. They have started attending our church and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them and building our friendship. They have 2 children very close to the same age as our children.
The point of me telling you this is - Paul is an amazing runner!!! I mean very very fast and very good! Like he finished 3rd american in the Boston marathon last year - and he went to the Houston Olympic trials this year. Anyways - he WON the whole race!!! 2800 racers and he beat them all!!!!!!!! And we know him and he is our friend!!!!! He has been so supportive and helpful with my training too! I wanted to get a picture with him just to say I know him - but I don't think he would've appreciated that - he's so not-cocky about his ability! and probably won't even be thrilled with the fact that I wrote about him. ha!
Richard was amazing and took a picture of this! Who does this????!!!?? A man
dressed in this suit just walking around!!!!??? CRAZY!!!
 After the race we walked to Old Town and enjoyed a nice beautiful sunny St. Patrick's day Parade as a family! It was so much fun! And Carson loved watching all the things walk down and was so excited about eating tons of candy ;)
as good as we could get :(

So sunny - hard to get a good picture!

Watching in awe
and eating a year's worth of candy :)
 Yeah - needless to say Landon was tired!
He looks irish to me though! Look at that red hair
and that white belly :)
And that my friends was an amazing and satisfying St. Patrick's day spent with family and friends!

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Trina Mayfield said...

It looks like you had a GREAT time! I'm so glad that you had a good race. Keep up the good work! Grammie would SO love to see her little Irish great grandson - with that red hair! It sounded like a really fun day!

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