Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

We just finished the decision making process of purchasing a New (to us) vehicle!

Some of you know that we plan to have more kids, that we only have one vehicle, and that our current car STINKS. So for a while now we have had it in the  back our minds that we need another vehicle, and a bigger one. Then our truck (the second vehicle we used to own) died, then we moved across the country and have been trying to get our barrings financially every since. ;)
But our car only fits so many people. And although it has worked for us we could tell it was starting to get tight, and we needed to be able to transport more people (visitors, family etc) and the thought of another child is probably in the near future (Lord Willing).
Then we got a tax refund, and decided to put it all towards a new vehicle.
Having one car was ok at first. I took Richard to work and picked him up on days that I planned to do all my errands. Then winter came and the whole ordeal of coats and shoes a million times a day got really old. Then Richard's job got unpredictable as far as what time he was getting off, and that always messed with dinner plans that I was in the middle of cooking. So I tried to have the car as little as possible, b/c it started to just not be worth the hassle. Then staying at home got old. :) Over all things worked out great and we made it work. So I don't mean to complain, but am thankful that season of our life is over for now!

Then we started looking for a vehicle to buy - and were faced the question - minivan or SUV???? UGH! Before I was ok with a minivan and would gladly get one. Then we moved to Colorado and practically NO ONE has a minivan - b/c there are mountains here!  and you have to be cool outdoorsy people.  So the lookout for a different affordable vehicle started.
What a learning experience. Richard is very thorough and does his research. We are so afraid of getting a "lemon" - but in the end, you can only do so much research and praying and thinking - and then you have to take a step of faith - b/c truthfully

 Cars are all wordly possessions
that don't mean a thing
Cars will break
we are simple people
We trust that this vehicle will be used for God's glory - that we will be sacrificial with it and use it to bless others. And we are so thankful God provided money and the right dealer (who was so kind with us, after a few that were not) and the babysitters for the boys, and overall a positive experience when purchasing this car. Thank you Lord for providing this car!

oh - by the way - it's a Ford Freestyle, 2006, with $92,000 miles on it. It has a third row (which is really what we wanted)  a cross between a minivan, small SUV, station wagon. :) (just what we were looking for)

the boys, just like their momma
excited as can be about the NEW RIDE!


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

VERY NICE!!!! I like it a lot!! It sounded like you guys did a good job researching it, looking around, and being careful!! It looks perfect and I appreciate your perspective at the end of the blog!! Love ya!!

Trina Mayfield said...

It really looks nice and it looks like you got a good deal! We are very happy for you guys!

Tiff said...

Love it! I love how God even cares about the small details in a vehicle! I remember when we got our car and I was so excited that it was blue and had a DVD player in it. We weren't even looking for a DVD player, but God knew that a year later we would be moving to Miami and definitely would need that DVD player! =) Enjoy your new ride! =)

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