Monday, March 26, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham Birthday Party

We started off his birthday the best way possible!
On our way to drop Rich off at work we got donuts! Like
any 3 year old would love!

Goofy face with daddy at the donut shop!
 Then we took a trip to the park!
What boy doesn't love the slides, sand, swings and friends!

The Next day was CELEBRATION day!
what fun we had thinking of ideas to go with the theme
and putting it together.
Simple but sweet! :)

Green eggs and Ham!
One of his favorite books!

Richard's idea! I thought it was so cool! with minimal work for me :)

All the Food

The Inspiration for he party!

One of his good friends - Noah

sticky hands - kids loved them!

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!

And some special Mommy/Son Pics!
What a handsome little man!

1 comment:

Trina Mayfield said...

I loved seeing some pics from his birthday celebration! We would have loved to have been with him but since we couldn't be, thanks for sharing this post. He is such a happy boy!!!! WE LOVE YOU, CARSON!!!!

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