Friday, March 9, 2012

10 Random Facts Friday

1. Spring just might be here in Northern Colorado - The next 5 or 6 days have only sun in the forecast and warm days!!!!! And we have enjoyed being outside as much as we can, at parks or in our parking lot/tennis courts

2. After a few conversations with women this week I think I'm officially starting to have real friends. :) And that makes me really happy

3. I made this (see pic below) for dinner a few times. (I need to specify - not necessarily a few times this week but over the course of a month or so) It's bread with spaghetti inside (thank you very much pintrest). Totally amazing! and boys eat is so good. They love bread and pasta with red sauce so what's not to love about this! Surprisingly better than I thought. And looks cool too!

 4. My kids don't often have lollipops but they ask for them all the time. I gave in b/c I had a hankering for a tostie pop and we all know that mom can't have treats unless she gives them to her kids too :)
5. Sorry for any men who might read this and are embarrassed or for anyone that is appalled that I put this pic on here! (see pic below) But it was so funny. Let's face it - it's a part of life. And these boys have no clue yet :) They had a blast
Sorry for the scarry eyed landon!
 6. I am so amazed at how happy Landon looks in this picture b/c normally  he doesn't care about tv - but in this picture he looks genuinely intrigued by it!
7. Yes, there are some mornings PBS is on for a long time while we go about our morning.

8. Landon always walks around with something on his neck. His blanket, a wool sock, a scarf. It's kinda cute! instead of sucking his thumb he wraps something around his neck. ha
9. I will be very happy when this race is over b/c the stress of getting enough miles in is annoying, and I fear I'm getting burnt out. It's still 6 weeks away. I can't believe how hard it's been to get my long runs in on the weekend!!! Who would'a thought that when I signed up for this race our Saturdays would get filled up so much! UGH! YIKES! I need to be revived - but I know when I'm finished with it I will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy I did it!!!
10. These are really boring. sorry - that's been our week i guess. 


Michelle said...

Not boring at all!

I'm so happy you are making friends (I know how important that is to you...needing to have ppl around that can encourage and sharpen you)!

Landon is SO stinkin' adorable, btw!

And I'll continue to pray for that race! You can do it! You are amazing!! Just take it one day at a time.

doddyj said...

1. That spaghetti bread thing looks AMAZING – do you want to share the recipe? ☺
2. What’s a tostie pop?
3. I seriously laughed out loud at the bath toys your boys had! Bhahahahaha!
4. PBS is our best friend some mornings too.
5. Your boys are incredibly cute. ☺

Glad to hear you’re doing so well Jess, and that you’re life continues to feel more and more normal in CO!

Trina Mayfield said...

I love your random thoughts/facts and I always love seeing pictures of my grandsons!!! I'm so glad that you are feeling more and more at home in CO and especially that you feel like you are making solid friendships now. And, just as a side note, I love the new pics on your blog!:-)

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