Friday, March 23, 2012

Carson Turns 3

I cannot believe I have been a mother for 3 years. In fear of sounding trite and using phrases that are overused regarding mothers and children I want to tell you all what an amazing little boy he is turning into.
I have seen tenderness and sweetness starting to creep up in his little personality. The way he asks to cuddle, the way he is concerned about Landon's whereabouts, his desire for hugs and kisses! even the way he asks for me to just sit on the couch with him or play a game with him! I wish I could video tape how excited he gets when we meet up with one of his friends from church! UTTER and PURE JOY! overcome him and he is jumping up and down and excited! But if you have entertained him in any way - he will for sure show the same excitement in seeing you as he does for his little friends! I have said this before - but I will say it again - he has a way of making anyone feel like the most special person in the world to him! I am honored and blessed to be his mother b/c he shows all of his love on his sleeve and tells me often! He notices when people don't "pay attention" to him - even complete strangers! He desires that social and personal interaction with others and I know that God can use that in glorious ways! He is active and agile and coordinated! He is SUPER energetic. At first I wanted to change that and I saw how overwhelming it was to others that I thought I should change it. I've learned to embrace it! Not to squelch it! That energy is a good thing! and he puts his ALL into everything he does!

Carson has taught me how much i don't know about mothering. But at the same time I think I've learned and grown so much in my parenting because of him. Things I didn't understand or judged about other parents before I had my own - I learned through having him are just a way of life with active kids. And to be gracious to others. I have been humbled and rebuked many times! and I'm thankful for that!

As we celebrate his day today - I want him to feel loved and special. And not in the way that he can do whatever he wants and act how he wants or about the possessions/toys he gets or that he can be selfish - but I want him to know how loved he is, how much he's changed my life, and how special of a boy he really is!!!!!!

I will give a little synopsis of Carson's life in pictures! What a truly amazing little boy I have - and I look forward to what comes in the many more years with him! Here is his birth story in case you want to read about that. In looking through these one theme I pick up - he is so smiley and happy! Truly a blessing to show such happiness and love about life. I hope he never forgets that and he can always enjoy life and activities and people to their fullest!!!!!

One of my favorite pictures of him a day old!

One of his first smiles! and he never stopped!

By default he will always be a Broncos Fan

His first Birthday!

He welcomed his baby brother
and always shows him brotherly love

One of my favorite pics of these two

Easter 2011
2nd Birthday!

Look at that animation

Christmas 2011

Most recent picture of my 3 year old!!!!

Off to Donuts
Hot Dogs/Mac and Cheese
Toy store 
Movie and Roasted marshmallows 
in the fireplace
for the day!

And party preparations for tomorrow!


Michelle said...

How I WISH with EVERY fiber of my being that we could be with you to celebrate your birthday with you!!! The Weston Family LOVES you, Carson!!! We hope you have a very very very Happy Birthday!! Sending you all the love we can give on this special day! THREE YEARS OLD?! Where has the time gone, little man?

Trina Mayfield said...

This post really brought lots of tears to my eyes, but they were such happy tears! I loved reading about him and his personality! And the pictures just melt my heart!!!! We really can't wait to be together with all of you this year - as much as we possibly can (and still continue with all of our lives). Happy 3rd birthday, Carson! We wish we could be there but we'll be thinking of you today and tomorrow!

Tim, Kristen , Megan, Emily, and Anna said...

Happy Birthday Carson...Birthdays are so much fun. He is such a cutie and is getting so big. so glad that you are loving being his mother!

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