Tuesday, March 27, 2012

everyone should do it!

So in fear that I will do what I hate other people do (that is coming across like everyone has to do things how I do them) - i want to tell everyone how important it is to make special time with your husband. Now i will preface it saying that I don't care if you date nights look completely different than mine or somehow you have to be creative and do things way different - the key that I want to make is that it is really important to keep your relationship with your hubby first and foremost and "on fire" throughout life. Now I only have 2 kids - but I understand how hard it is to get away.  We have never lived closed to grandparents and have always had little family close by to help with babysitting, so we have had to be creative. But one thing is for sure - we always make sure we take time away from our kids and to enjoy each other. Do you realize how much easier it is to have a conversation without kids around??? Do you know how much easier it is for me to talk to Richard about all my deepest thoughts about God, life, kids, myself, him when there isn't the dirty house, lists to make for the next day, or bills to work on staring at me in the face??? I've written about it here on this blog a few times. But I just can't stress how important it is to get that time away.

I know it gets hard and can be expensive to find babysitters. I know nursing babies can be demanding and schedules get so full and work is crazy! Believe me - we are there and have been there. But one thing I appreciate about Richard is that he wants to be with JUST me and helps me make it happen.

Sometimes I do feel spoiled because we get away for an evening at least once a month and if it's longer time in between I start feeling antsy - and you might say I'm lucky or my situation is easier - but the truth is - we really have to work at getting it worked out! We switch with other families (but that requires us being willing to help them out and watch their kids - which is perfect to me, we help someone else out), we sacrifice to pay and ask people to babysit hoping they aren't annoyed we asked them, we research for cheap things to do.  We make it a priority!
and we never regret it! even though almost every time I tell Richard I feel bad leaving the boys, or hope they do ok, or hope the people are ok with it! Or I wonder if we should just try another time because I'm tired or boys had a rough day. Every single time I have enjoyed myself - I come back feeling so refreshed and Richard and I are more in love with each other. 
it's so important to keep that "flame burning" and I realize it's best for the kids too! Now there are seasons that are busier than others, or you have a newborn, or there's no extra money whatsoever, or you just moved and don't know anyone ;) , but the longer you keep making excuses the longer you will go without having that special time with your man. there is no excuse - there are so many options you can do!  (and just for all you local people that may perhaps read this - I would love to help you guys out watching your kids for free just so you can have this time with your husband)

So go and plan a date night that you will both enjoy! Figure it out! GO and ENJOY!

I'm attending a Woman's Bible Study that is on the Book An Excellent Wife. Our pastor's wife leading it, gives little homework every week to do or to discuss with your husband. she gave us 2 weeks for us wives to plan a date night for our husbands- all geared for him! What fun it was. here's our night in recap!

First we went to the Driving Range! Our friends gave us their "key" so Richard could hit for as long as he wanted. I sat like a good trophy wife (ha) on the side in the grass reading a book, or taking videos of him (so he can critique his swing) and did not hurry him and let him enjoy golf! usually he is always rushing trying to get home to help me or feels bad leaving me again! But that night - he could hit as many balls as he wanted and take as long as he wanted

Then we went to a great Mexican Restaurant nearby - because what Colorado Native doesn't like Mexican food! this was an awesome place, and they advertised that everyone thing was from scratch and homemade - and it did taste amazing!

 After Dinner we drove up to watch the sun set at Horsetooth reservoir and just chat about our lives and connect with each other!

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Trina Mayfield said...

I LOVE that my daughters are so in love with their husbands - even after 2 kids (or one kid and deputation!)! The Lord is so good and I'm so glad you took this time away together! It is so important!

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