Thursday, January 5, 2012


Moving has been harder for me in ways that I didn't expect it would be. Some days are worse than others but there have been some things that have been discouraging to me, and some things that make me miss how life was before. (funny - huh, b/c if I remember correctly I couldn't wait for change).
It's funny how our human heart 
has a hard time being content
 with our situation right now. 
How we think we deserve something better.

Then there are night's like last night -

Such a beautiful sunset. To remind me of the beautiful state that I live in. To remind me of God's goodness to me. To remind me I already have way more than I can ever fathom to deserve b/c God's loves me, chose me, and blesses me.

Sorry these pictures aren't the best quality and are no comparison to what it looked like in real life. I took with a cell phone after picking Richard up from work. Just imagine how awesome it truly was.

Colorado has some of the most beautiful sunsets and often too! I love that! (and on a side note: the sunrises have been just as beautiful lately)
Thank you God for your faithfulness to me. Thank you for your patience with my sinful heart! 


Tiff said...

Jessica, this is too funny! I feel the same way so many days! But one thing I love is the beautiful sunsets here in Miami almost every day! Thanks for the encouragement today!

Trina Mayfield said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! I have always loved sunsets!!!

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