Thursday, January 19, 2012

What a day!

Today has been a great day! Some days are just great. I'm filled with joy and I love my life. (believe me for as many days like today as there is, there are plenty of days that are not like this). And as a side note: I'm striving to not let either feeling determine how I treat my family because of the truth of God's saving Grace in my life!
And in the life of a 
2 year old boy!
 Nothing could be more exciting.

The day started with an early 6 am run. Compared to the single digit degrees I had been running in - the 45 degree weather today was enough in and of itself to make it a better day.
I got home and had to run to the grocery store to get a couple ingredients b/c at our Life Group tonight we are having a meal - and the meal is Breakfast food! Now could it get any better than that??!!? I would venture to say no. anyways - I had to get some ingredients for the dish i want to take tonight -
 So I surprised
 all the boys with bringing home 
Now that is a good morning.
Because - Why NOT??!!?

Later in the Morning we went to the park - which happens to be located right next to a fire station. Carson saw a fire truck pulling into the station and ran over to watch. I tried to make him stand back and "not bother" them b/c I know they are probably busy about their responsibilities. When it got into the building I told Carson to walk away and we started heading back to the park area. But one of the Fire man came around and called us back in. So I ran and got Landon and we had a tour of the fire truck! It was the coolest thing. I was amazed.

They were wonderful to him! The fireman let him sit in the driver's seat, he turned on the truck and showed him all the lights and showed him the hose and everything! it was so cool!!! They brought hats to my two boys and stickers, and a coloring book and pencils.!!!!
I was an ecstatic mother; thinking "this is so cool, and so wonderful, and so nice!"
Carson was a little hesitant and a little shy and uneasy- but he sat there fine. He won't stop talking about it now and wearing the hat!
Of course of all the days I had forgotten my camera. I said something about wishing I could take a picture - and another fireman took out his phone and took a pic for me and sent it to me! They were wonderful!!!!!  I only have one picture of the event! But boy! 
I will remember it for a 
while and the boys will too! 

unedited version!

playing with the editing
Now I know though - take a shower and change out of your running clothes before you go to the park - you never know when something monumental will be cataloged!


Trina Mayfield said...

What a FUN DAY!!!! And to think it seemed just like any ordinary day! That's how the Lord works - He makes "special" out of the ordinary! It just looks like you had a great day!

Michelle said...

That is SO awesome! I'm so glad you and the boys were blessed with such a treat!

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