Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday News

1. Phew what a week and weekend we had! Richard was preaching at our church this past Sunday. He always does a great job. But working a full time job, leading a small group, investing in people's lives, doing a leadership training class and helping a "needy" wife with toddlers really puts a damper on study time. Work always seems to "blow up" the week before he has to preach too. He was super busy with a lot of responsibility.
But like always - the week is over, we accomplished everything we were supposed to and we all survived. And Richard preached with Flying Colors I might add. I always appreciate listening to him "expound the word". 

2. yeah, I really need to transition Landon to 18 month clothes but you know how that goes. . .

3. Like I said - this weekend was super busy. It started out with a busy day on friday out at chick fil a with a friends, and a wonderful dinner out with friends celebrating them closing on their second house! what a Fun night we had. Completely made my week - being able to enjoy our time at the restaurant with friends.
-but the boys were up late. Saturday they were up early and out at the church most of the day for our leadership training class (porterbrook session). 
4. Sunday - morning spent at church. and afternoon and a lot of the evening spent at friends watching the Bronco's game! and might I just add, they won their first play off game in the first 11 seconds of overtime! I had one VERY HAPPY HUSBAND on my hands last night

But all that to say - today is a mellow, lay low kind of day! I'm not even dressed or showered and still deciding if I even want to. :)
these pictures really show you how tired my boys were after a long weekend. It was not even 11 AM yet, and Landon crawls up into my lap and literally falls alseep instantly. He has NEVER done that!

Most of you know - I don't particularly enjoy Monday's. Mostly b/c I'm home by myself again, Richard is working and we're back at the daily grind. But today i determined to enjoy the sweet cuddles. The time I spend building and fixing train tracks on our living room rug. And just ENJOYing life!!!!! Truly ENJOY! the life that God gave me!

So I let him sleep there for about a half hour while Carson watched more PBS. And now I'm paying for it, b/c his afternoon nap is not going so well.
Oh well. I loved the extra cuddles.

And just in case anyone is interested. here is Richard's sermon link. he did an awesome job. So encouraging to think about Jesus, he is king, he is God, and he died for me.

I hope you all have a great week! Think on Christ in the creation around you. And live your daily lives in light of the salvation God provided through his son!


Trina Mayfield said...

The link doesn't show up for me. I'm glad you're just staying at home today. It looks like it's just what the boys needed!!!!

Tim, Kristen , Megan, Emily, and Anna said...

Definitely enjoy those cuddles! Sometimes I think I don't enjoy my little girls enough through the busyness of the day. I just need to stop and love on them and play with them and enjoy them!!!

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

I'm glad you had a day to just rest and enjoy your boys!! Get somewhat caught up. I feel like I never get all caught up. Richards sermon was PACKED with alot of sold truths and ALOT to think about. I think some of it was hard for me to grasp but he did a great job!! I enjoyed that poem about the ants and the butterfly :-)

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