Friday, January 13, 2012


Many of you know that I enjoy running. I never really considered myself a "runner" though, b/c I mostly did it for pleasure, enjoyment, and exercise. I have done a few random 5k's and one 10 K race in the time frame of about 2 (or maybe a little more) years. No record breaking times on those runs, mostly b/c it's fun and I always have had a competitive side to me when it came to physical activity. (not board games. :) )

Since moving here to Fort Collins I've started getting involved in the "running community".  I've enjoyed having people to meet up with in the dark early freezing morning hours to get a run in during the week, and the longer runs are much more enjoyable when you have someone to talk with.

One of my goals before turning 30 was to run a half marathon.
Well - what better time than NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I took the plunge.
April 22nd 2012 I will hopefully accomplish that goal. Hopefully in less than 2 and half hours, preferrably closer to 2 hrs. time frame. I will train with this group who happen to be training for a full marathon in May so I should be good right?!?!! :)

here I come!!!!!!

The only problem and the reason i debated about it for so long is the ascent.  Please please click on this link so that you can see what I'm talking about!!!!  the first picture is of the area that the run will take place. And that is just one example of a hill I will be running up!

No big major goals - just want to finish running and alive!

Maybe then I will consider myself a RUNNER!
Wish me luck!


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

HOLY COW!!!! That looks hard! But I have complete confidence in you to be able to meet your goal. You are a great runner!! I would concider you a runner :-) I think that running a half marthon before your 30 is a great goal, I on the other hand only want to run a race :-) Love you and have fun training!!

Trina Mayfield said...

Yea, that does look tough! You will really be my hero if you can do this! I laughed when you said that you want to finish and be alive!:-) I will be thinking of you as you train and I KNOW you can do it!!!!

Sarah Robertson said...

You can do this! I'm hopefully doing my first 1/2 marathon this summer as well, but no training group here! :( I'll have to see if I can discipline myself to train myself!

Kelly said...

Holy Cow!! Those are some major hills....but you will so do it! Keep the mantra "kill the hill"!!

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