Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Soccer Player????

I don't mean to be partial to Landon these days - but I got home from running on Saturday and Richard had dressed the boys. As soon as I walk in the door Landon comes trucking in to see me and he has this outfit on! Just so adorable!!!! Maybe he will be my soccer player. :) (although Carson is proving to be much more agile) But either way - this little outfit was so cute to me.

This week Richard has mold training class down in Denver! He will be gone very long days. But on the upside - I have the car all week! I plan to stay busy, go out, and enjoy the week. It helps that it's been planned so my mind is anticipating it! (my running will be hard to get in this week though). But overall we are
Choosing to
this week.
Enjoy the sun,
Enjoy the boys
Enjoy Creation
Enjoy new friends
Enjoy new playdates
Enjoy God's word!
Enjoy the car (ha:) )

I pray that each of you will choose to enjoy your day! Choose to be thankful for God's love to us! Choose to relish in his goodness. And above all worship God in the mundane of life!


Trina Mayfield said...

I LOVE THE OUTFIT!!!! Good that he'll be playing for the ECUADOR soccer team!:-) And I love that phrase too - choose to enjoy! I hope this week will be extra special for you and the boys - and that you will look back on it with great memories!

Michelle said...

awww...Landon is SO handsome in his uniform!!!

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