Wednesday, January 18, 2012


First of all i need to say thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging to me since my last post. between phone calls, texts, emails, comments and people talking to me - everyone has been so encouraging. I will almost feel bad if nothing is wrong b/c I had so many people praying for me. :) It's so wonderful to know that I have such caring friends all over the place. (and that you guys actually read my blog ha)

Second of all - I feel really dumb! Yes, Dumb. I can't say that I've ever done something like this to this extent. I had "the entire world" (practically) praying for me today. and I messed up. haha - it's funny i think.

I started my day out meeting my cool new running friends, in terribly windy conditions, and if I was to run by myself there is no way I would've made it out, so I'm thankful to have running friends. WE finished our 4 mile loop and I rush home, shower and got dressed up. B/c this is the day i get the car and I'm going out! Which for me lately this winter is a big deal. ha. I have a wonderful wonderful husband who not only made myself and himself "eggs in a basket" but also dressed himself, finished making his lunch (b/c I didn't have to time to finish it) and dressed both boys!!!! WOW! That's amazing. We loaded everyone up, and took him to work by 9. Then I had to run by the bank and the post office to run some errands.  Then it was off to the big "EVALUATION" for Landon.

Something in my head starts questioning what the date actually is. I vaguely remember writing something about the 20something of Jan. So I look at my phone to see what the date is. It's only the 18th! then I look at the paper with the reminder on it, and it actually says my appointment is on the 25th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who would've thought I would convince myself and the entire world that my appointment was this week, when in fact IT'S NEXT WEEK!!!!
So all that work of getting out of the house, and asking everyone to pray and fretting and we get to all do it again next week!

I did think - well it's a good thing it didn't happen the other way around! Like it was today and I was thinking it was next week. Then we would be up a creek!
So - more on all this next week!


Trina Mayfield said...

This really made me laugh!!!! And I was praying for it (and you and Landon) TODAY!!!!! Well, I guess we have another full week to pray about it! He'll probably start talking this week!:-)

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

That is a good, positive perspective there at the end :-) At least you know your plan worked and you know what to do for next week, just a trial run :-) Your so funny! We will be continuing to pray

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