Tuesday, January 24, 2012

These pictures, my friends,
are so so small to you all
but huge to me.

Carson is active; very agile and athletic and coordinated. I love that about him.
- But coloring or painting is not necessarily his strong suit. It's easy for me to compare to what other kids are doing or get frustrated with him when he begs to color but then spends the entire time taking the crayons out of the box and throwing them all over the room. Coloring is almost a dreaded activity for me b/c I get frustrated!

I have bought him water colors and we have tried this avenue a few times - he has always gotten disinterested very quickly. But this day - for some reason - he was having so much fun coloring in the fishes that I had outlined for him. (please excuse my terrible drawing - I know from whom he gets his "non-crafty/creative" mind) But he spent a good chunk of time actually coloring in the pictures and wanting me to draw more - instead of eating the paint brushes or splatting water all across the room. 
MILESTONES - that's what we're talking about!


Kari said...

That is great! He did a good job. That is the thing about kids, they each have their own special gifts and they can't all be good at everything they do! ; ) I continue to pray for Landon and hope that you can get some answers for your peace of mind.

Emily Wagner said...

Awww that's awesome!!!! Yay Carson!!!!!!

Michelle said...

oh good! so happy for yoU! I know how much that means to you!! hooray for growing up!!! Give Carson a kiss for me!!!

Trina Mayfield said...

I LOVED reading this post! His mother, by the way, was the same way. Her sisters would spend lots of time on coloring (and Jerelyn still loves it), but not you. You just wanted to get up and go outside or be with people or "DO SOMETHING", is what you would say (as if coloring isn't doing something!). Anyway, glad to see he is starting to enjoy it - de vez en cuando!:-)

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