Monday, May 2, 2011

Children's Advocacy Center Moonlight 5K race

My friends who let me run with them
Josh did the 10K. He did great!!!
Caren and I did the 5K and
got good times.
My boys came to support me. :)
Thank you loving husband
to stay with them for so long
while they were cranky in that stroller
just so I could run. :)
Starting out the run!!! Can you see us?? :)
At the first Mile - Feeling great still :)
Sprinting to the end.
It's been a hobby of mine to pick up running for a while. Although I must say - I am in no way considering myself a runner. It's sorta joke compared to a lot of people that I know that are true "runners". But I try a little, and enjoy it. I do aspire one day to be good at it and run good times and long distances, but for now, I keep it as my hobby. :)
I had done one other race but that was over a year and half ago. A 5K is 3.1 miles. I have been running up to 4 miles pretty consistently so I wasn't too afraid of the distance. It was more just nerves for the race, I was kinda nervous. It was way funner (that's probably not good grammar) to run with a friend and that helped. I felt great the whole race. At the end I sorta wished I had pushed myself a little harder, but it's hard to pace yourself when you don't know the course or exactly how far you have to go still. I was afraid I would push and then lose steam and didn't want that to happen. I came in around 28.14 which I was happy with. (but I know to all your "runners" out there, it's not that good of a time) (The time thing did get messed up b/c I didn't know to go into a certain spot with my little ankle timer thing, that's b/c of my inexperience I guess; i saw the clock as I ran past, so that's the time I'm using :)). I had plenty of energy left at the end and the adrenaline kicked in and I blew past a couple people right at the end, that's a good feeling, but in my heart I know I could've started sprinting earlier and maybe beaten my goal of getting under 28. But it was hard to know how far I had. Oh well. Next time maybe I'll have a fancy watch that keeps my pace and time and distance. :) (if I become a "real runner" )
My next personal goal is to do a 10K which would be 6.2 miles. I definitely know I can do it. and depending on how my life goes, maybe I will do it this year. :)
Overall, I'm glad to donate to a good cause to protect children, and I'm so happy for the experience. It makes the waking up early to run in the AM a little more exciting when you do something like this in the end. :) Thank you Michaels for letting me do it with you - it was so much fun!!!!!!

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Trina Mayfield said...

I'm really proud of you, Jessica! I think that is really amazing because you have two little boys and you did a great job running. Keep up the good work and making, working at and reaching those goals. GOOD JOB!

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