Sunday, May 15, 2011

3 Months

So it's been 3 months of setting my alarm earlier and getting up before the kiddos and clearing my mind, drinking a whole cup of coffee without interruption and spending time reading my bible, journaling and talking with God. I'm finding a half hour goes by so fast, and I should start some days getting up earlier. Richard is getting up too, and he so helpfully makes the coffee at night and sets the timer for me! I do think it's gotten easier. A little bit anyways, it's now my mindset to just get up. I think the first month was easy for me b/c I was all excited about it, the second and third have been harder. And I will admit there was a week between not feeling well, and being super busy that I did not get up, but after that week was over I got right back on track. Also I haven't been running as much in the mornings b/c I've been going with friends in the evenings. But I've been playing that one by ear as opportunities come up b/c honestly I prefer to run with someone. But there is something about a good, invigorating morning run that cannot be replaced.
I will tell anyone who still thinks it's not for them (which I will say some are different make up) that you should at least try really hard for about 3 months; to get up and clear my head like that is so refreshing. I helps my whole day and my focus for the day. How have you been doing? Has anyone else decided to try it? It will change your life (at least your day :) )


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

I really admire your tenacity. I definitely need to get control of my time and put my priorities back in order. Your determination is inspirational :)

Jessica said...

When my daughter was smaller, I did make an effort to awaken before 7 in order to read, write, or exercise, but somehow, I got off track. While I am now waking around 8 am with my daughter, I know that the exercise of waking early, however, is great and really adds so much to your day. I remember feeling more alert and more in control of my day, if that makes sense.

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