Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's inside my fridge???

I'm new at this whole blogging thing (at least when it comes to "linking UP") But i thought this was an easy thing to do.
She thought it would be cool to see what all these blogger's refrigerators look like inside. I am always amazed at how empty mine always looks. I guess we don't eat much. I do cook a lot and bake, but I guess I only buy the essentials and I use things up like every week.

On the door I have eggs butter, and condiments. Lots of them.
Then inside, there is juice and sippy cups - b/c my boy loves to drink. And the other thing you will find is more eggs (we seem to go through that a lot), yogurt, and cheese. ha. We love our dairy. There is milk back there too. And left overs. And the prize possession - cinnamon raisin english muffins (b/c our grocery store had them on sale for buy one get 2 free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Under neath the last shelf is a drawer - and I keep my produce - didn't take a pic, but there is apples, carrots, peppers, grapes, and strawberries for now. :)
I hate a dirty cluttered fridge so I do try to clean it out all the time.
It's been fun looking through other people's fridges - hop on over to Moms got to Blog and link up a pic of yours.

And apparently - I'm the only one who hates vacuuming in the world . .. Check out my last post here


Kelly said...

Hi! Thanks so much for linking up your fridge pic!! :)

On a side note- I was so excited to see you are from Scranton!! I used to live in Clarks Summit-right down the road from BBC!! Our babysitter went there too!

I miss Weis and Especially Wegmans!! And Mannings & Robas....I could go on and on...

Small world! So nice to meet you! :)

kellyH said...

I couldn't believe how full some of those other fridges were! ours looks more similar to yours with LOTS of yogurt, cheese & eggs. :)

and I didn't say I LIKE to vacuum....*wink, wink!

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