Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Someone read this on Mother's day! I have been holding onto it for a random day to post on my blog. Most of you have probably already read it, but it is so true. The life of a mother. But I would venture to say this is probably how any woman's day goes, even if you work, woman's minds just go crazy from one thing to the next.
This describes my days so well - its amazing anything gets accomplished around here. Somehow we get it all done though. (or at least enough to stay afloat) :) Now all this talk about Muffins - I must got warm up my coffee again, and eat some breakfast!

If you give a Mom a Muffin!

If you give a mom a muffin, she'll want a cup of coffee to go with it. She'll pour herself some. Her three-year-old will spill the coffee. She'll wipe it up. Wiping the floor, she will find dirty socks. She'll remember she has to do laundry. When she puts the laundry in the washer, she'll trip over boots and bump into the freezer. Bumping into the freezer will remind her she has to plan supper. She will get out a pound of hamburger. She'll look for her cookbook. (101 Things To Make With A Pound Of Hamburger.) The cookbook is sitting under a pile of mail. She will see the phone bill, which is due tomorrow. She will look for her checkbook. The checkbook is in her purse that is being dumped out by her two-year-old. She'll smell something funny. She'll change the two-year-old. While she is changing the two-year-old the phone will ring. Her five-year-old will answer and hang up. She'll remember that she wants to phone a friend to come for coffee. Thinking of coffee will remind her that she was going to have a cup. She will pour herself some. And chances are, if she has a cup of coffee, her kids will have eaten the muffin that went with it.

by Kathy Fictorie

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jeileenbaylor said...

haha- love this! And now I WANT that gorgeous muffin in the picture :) Oh and you look FABULOUS in the pic on the top of your blog - good work!

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