Thursday, May 19, 2011

If you don't know already - my parents ( a.k.a. gramie and grampie ) live in Ecuador South America (again i always specify that b/c someone actually asked me if it was in Africa) They love it there (as did I love growing up there) but something changes for them and us, when they realize they leave their precious family behind to go back there, whereas before we all used to go with them. It kills my mom to not be able to buy/send them stuff for all the little holidays and clothes when they need it. and it kills me to not be able to call them up to watch their grandkids for me at any given day/time!!! even the simple card for holidays with $1 in it, or stickers, or the little valentine or easter basket!!! That is impossible for them to do from Ecuador.
But there are advantages - and they are #1 when we actually do see them - they go ALL OUT!!!! and shower us with blessings upon blessings to help our family!!!! They sacrifice so much so that they can see us and help us out!!!! And my mom more than makes up for not being able to send little cards here and there or bring home little gifts to them!!! Her gift is "gift giving" and i appreciate it more and more the older I keep getting! #2 I know for a fact that we appreciate it more than the average person (I get annoyed when I hear of people complaining about living close to their family and all that entails). we enjoy each and EVERY SINGLE minute together, and our kids LOVE them to death!!!! #3. we dont' get sick of each other #4. my kids will always have memories of very special times with their grandparents!
And another side kick - modern technology is so WONDERFUL!!!! It helps us and our kids stay connected since we live far away from both sides of grandparents!!!

Grampie truly loves his grandkids!!!

So back to why we were together - Well my parents were coming back to surprise my other sister who lives in Minneapolis for her (and her husbands) graduation with their masters. they were able to surprise them! and it was wonderful. Now the confusing part (which by the way - happens all the time when you live in a different country but have roots in the states) - my parents home address and license is in PA where my sister lives - and they both had expired lisences that had to be renewed, so they took a 3 day jaunt to my twin's house and I drove down to be with them during their stay! they flew back to MN today and we had to say good bye! I was so sad this time for some reason - maybe b/c I don't know when we will see them again. I know we will, but don't have a planned time yet.

I had to add a couple pics of the cousins all together!!! They love playing together. They were so worn out from each other by the end.
My Twin - She loves babies :)
and Landon loves her!!!
Cousin was so enthralled with Landon
He kept saying "baby" and
you shoulda seen
his face when I asked if he
wanted to hold the baby :)
these 4 had too much fun!

This last picture was so precious!!!
Love, Love, Love!


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Aw, I'm sorry you had to say good-bye to your mom and dad :( I know that if either of our parents came out, sending them off would be so hard!

But those cousin, so cute!!!

Trina Mayfield said...

Did you take those last pictures the last morning? I just don't remember those pictures but they are SO CUTE! I just love being able to spend time with all of my kids and grandkids. It's SO MUCH FUN to buy them things and to do things together. We had a great time!

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