Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day!

We like to do things last minute around here, (not b/c I like to be last minute, it's just how we roll! )
Last minute we decided to try to get together with Richard's brother and his family! We planned a nice cookout Sunday evening, and then a state park lake trip, monday!!! They have 3 boys, a little older than my boys, but they really had fun together at the park.

My sweet Landon - so thankful he is laid back
about life!!!
this is after dinner at a close-by park
Isn't this the cutest bib ever!
thanks to my A. Terre!!!!
(would much rather have EVERYTHING made
by someone I love/know, than
buying it in a store)
Our first Cook Out of the year!!!! it was a lot of fun! We had a great time!
Taking a break for some Lunch in the very limited shade!
had to grab carson away from the Sand for a quick Picture

I know it's just the beginning of the summer
but boy!! Are we a Pale/white Family
can you say "SUNSCREEN" :)

What a great day off from the daily grind!!!! We had such a fun time with family! The park was just in between both our homes, so it was so convenient, and the water felt great, thankfully! A great memory for us to cherish!

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Unknown said...

Looks like a great time! Love those fun times with families

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