Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh Jeans

Ever have one of those moments that you don't know what to do? Don't know what the ethical thing to do is - don't know which action will make you feel better????
I've had 2 of those situations happen within 24 hrs to me!!! And to think I could be $120 richer if I acted a different way.

Yesterday checking out at Michaels, I see $20 bill laying on the ground, I pick it up and ask the lady at the register beside me if it's hers. Of course she responds yes!!! I do really think it was hers, b/c she was older and very thankful for my honesty. Ugh! There was that split second that I was hoping she would say it was not, and I could take it home with me. :/

Then today - randomly we decide to go to the College, b/c they are having a big yard sale. All different people come and "buy" a table and can try to sell things. So we go, I randomly know a couple of the sellers, paroose (sp??) around and happen to see 2 pair of jeans that are my size, Gap and The Limited brand. I wonder if they will fit, and ask the seller how much she wants for them. She tells me $.50!!! Of course, you can't beat that even if they don't fit, so I pick them both up and hand her a $1 bill.
First thing I do when I come home is try them on. Both of them fit pretty perfectly, which I'm ecstatic about, then I reach in the back pocket of the second pair and pull out some money. At first excitement wells up, then I look down and see a $50 then I start counting it and see 2 more $20 and a $10!!!! That's $100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW as Richard and I look at each other in amazement and excitement. But not too long and the "what should we do" thoughts come into our heads. Technically she sold them to me, technically it was her responsibility to check the pockets. WE are home and the college is about a 20 min drive. Should we drive back up there? No, it's too far for returning $100 that may be rightfully mine. I don't know who she is, but I do know someone else there. So I look up my friend's number and give her a call. Hoping she confirms in me that it's ok to keep the money. . . she finds the lady - and asks her if she just sold a pair of jeans. Well she remembered me - and my friend tells the lady that I found the $100 and gives her my phone number to give me a call!
Secretly I hope that she forgets about it, or just lets me have it or never calls me. Then I start thinking, should I be willing to meet her somewhere, or mail it to her????
Either way I'm feeling sick - if I kept it, it would probably make me sick, now that I know she needs it and wants it back, I feel sick about losing it. No win situation I guess.
She does call me, and her mother goes to my church come to find out, so i can bring it to church tomorrow. She gave me a story about how much they needed the money etc, etc, etc. I try to not let her hear my disappointment.
So I'll be giving it back!!!! I know in the end it's better to be nice. It's better to do the right thing. Somehow I don't feel better yet though. It would just be nice to have $120 in my hands right now. :)
Oh well. We are fine without the money and not struggling right now - so we should be happy to help others. I really am too - just need to stop thinking about the what if's. :)
I'll be glad in a couple weeks when I'm not dealing with the "should I have tried to contact the person and give it back" guilt.
Just being honest with you all with how the right thing is sometimes so hard!!!!!
Would would you have done? Interested in finding what other options I had. :)


Trina Mayfield said...

Yes, I would have done the same thing you did, because it is the right thing to do, but I would have had those EXACT SAME feelings!!! The Lord will bless you above and beyond what you could even imagine, just because you did the RIGHT thing. And that's a promise!:-)

Laura said...

I'm proud of you. The way that God will bless you guys for this honesty FAR outweighs the $100 gain. You gave a powerful testimony to the owner and showed tremendous amount of integrity. God will honor that, I am MOST certain.

Michelle said...

My mom always says that when "God takes away, He always replaces with better." You did the right thing (although hard, I would've done what you did, too) and God will most assuredly bless you for that!!!!

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