Monday, January 14, 2013

Computers! Who needs them anyways!!!

I feel like I posted a title like that about a car once? WE have the worst luck with cars and computers.
So yeah - remember when we had a computer and then it broke?!!? like 2 weeks before Christmas? Well we saved up all our christmas money. We had asked everyone for money instead of something b/c we wanted a new camera. Since we're still using this little thing that I got for graduation from College (or we used our phones, which means, we just used our phones for taking pictures, not the old camera. :) b/c the phones took better pictures than the camera did) Anyways - when our computer broke down very suddenly and unexpectedly we had to use all our christmas money towards a computer b/c that is more important in our minds.
So we asked people their advice and tried to research as much as we know how. We in no way had enough money for a MAC so we just go a regular computer. :) Literally the day we brought that new "lenova" home it started crashing and not working and freezing! I'm not even being dramatic or exaggerating. We kept trying to use it thinking it was just some fluke and maybe it would be fine. But after a week of it freezing every 5 min or restarting itself every 7 min we took it back and exchanged it for a Toshiba!  CRAZY HUH! So annoying.
I asked Richard - "what happens if this one is messed up too?" He said "I'm getting a MAC". So we'll see how long this one lasts.
For all you APPLE people out there! Yes we know we need a mac. Yes we know you think it's the best and no other way. WE just don't have that money at this time. So we chose a pc. and then have these issues. We make that choice and I guess we're ok with that.


Sherry said...

I'll be surprised if you don't like the Toshiba. I am on my second Toshiba laptop and love it. The only reason I had to replace my last one was because my youngest child liked to pull on my screen while I was using it and eventually wore out the wires in the hinge causing them to short. It was more worth it to just replace it than fix it, but I did get Best Buy to remove the hard drive in my old computer because it was undamaged and was actually very large. We put it into my husband's computer. Hope you don't have anymore computer issues. I am not an Apple fan or supporter...I don't think they are worth the money at all! ;-)

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

We have a Toshiba too. So far so good!

Michael milestones said...

I bought a used Mac from a friend last year and our iMac desktop was a refurbished one. You'll still pay more, but I'll tell you that my 4 yr old Macbook laptop NEVER freezes or has issues. They are well worth the money!

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