Saturday, January 5, 2013

Recap 2012 -One of my most Favorite Posts to Write

Here is my annual recap of the year. One picture for each month. It's hard to pick just one picture to describe the month - but I'm going to try. (I might cheat and put more in for some months :) ) it's so fun to look back through the year and just remember all the things that happened, that were accomplished - and blogging is a great way to enjoy it!

Last year I chose the word ENJOY! And I was determined to ENJOY everything about our new life/home/church/Richard's Job. I did enjoy the year - and here is a recap of it!

We didn't do much this month. It was hard to even find 
pictures to post. We played outside on warm days, I signed up for
my first half marathon ever! And we
made the best decision ever to put Landon
in Early childhood speech therapy - So I'll post a picture of him!

We didn't do anything too exciting this month either
But the highlight was spending a week in Grand Junction
with my Sister-in-law from Hawaii
and seeing the cousins have so much fun all week.
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This month was special celebrating my oldest son's 3 years.
We had a Dr. Suess "Green eggs and ham" 
Birthday Party that was so much fun. Along with a fun
St. Patty's day 5k race and parade. These were the highlights
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April was a fun month b/c 2 sets of friends from PA came to visit us. 
It was so fun to be able to reconnect with them.
My how we miss our old friends there.
But the highlight of the month for me
was running my first Half Marathon ever - and it
was a super hard one. And although I was a little dissappointed with my time
it was a big accomplishment for me
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The big Highlight of this month was a our big trip to Wisconsin/Illinios
to see my brother graduate from College.
My whole family was together for it! (we hadn't all been together like that since January 2010, so it was a cherished time) And we had a good long week of traveling all over the midwest and enjoying our family time! (there's entirely too many
pics from that trip to just pick one!!!)
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We spent tons of time at the pool. But the big highlight of this month
was our surprise trip to PA to surprise the bride for her wedding.
The boys were ring bearers. I have so many pictures from this trip too
It was fun to be able to see our friends and also Richard's sister and
her family and see the boys reconnect again.
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This month was spent with tons of time at the pool or out at parks - Like-Every-Single-Day!
But also my parents came for about 9 days, and my sister surprised me
and came with them. We had a fun filled week together. We did a lot from seeing the mountains, to petting zoos and coffee shops. It was awesome.
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More time at the pool :)
More time with Grammie and Grampie as they stopped through.
And also our big Life group camping trip. That we've decided to make "annual"
It was so much fun!!! It was also first of hopefully many many
camping trips with the boys.
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I'd have to say the highlight of this month was
Richard and I's getaway trip to Moab UT, camping/backpacking
plus hotel night for my  birthday. But Landon
also turned 2. :)
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We had a fun trip to the Denver Zoo with some of Richard's side of the family.
And we also had a fun Halloween and the boys
really got into it and loved it.
But this month was also the month we found out we were pregnant
and also experienced the extreme grief of losing our baby in a miscarriage
It was an extremely hard month for me with much sorrow. 
And also a month that changed me forever.
I have sensed God's love for me and grace towards me
in ways unexplainable and for that I am grateful
and I did ENJOY my God more than ever even through the difficulties.
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I think it's safe to say the highlight of this month was once again
another huge trip to see my family.
We took a big trip to Boston and again my entire family got to be together for a few days. So many pictures again. I'll trip to keep it to one. :)
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This was a pretty fun/low key month for me. We got back from our big trip
and jumped right into holiday traditions and busyness. The
boys really loved everything and got excited 
about it all and it was really fun. We got to spend
Christmas with Richard's parents who came to our house. That was 
so special for us! We got to go sledding on
Christmas day which is the perfect activity for Christmas Day I think.
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So now - looking forward to the year ahead! What word do I choose? There are so many! But according to my last post that I wrote and resolutions, I've decided to choose the word "SERVE". I want this year to be marked one of Service! 
Service to MY LORD!
Service to MY Husband
Service to MY Children
Service to MY Church
Service to MY friends
Service to MY Community

I want the Lord to help me, and give me strength and Grace to deny myself and my own desires and to give of myself in order to help others, in any way. I pray that as I move forward I will capitalize on opportunities to do this. I'm excited to think about the year ahead and it will be fun to look back throughout the year on the circumstances that came about with SERVING others!


Trina Mayfield said...

I absolutely loved reading about your year and then seeing the pictures too!! Now it will be fun to follow you in this next year - and read about how God uses you in His service!! I really noticed how much the boys grew and changed by the pictures!! :-)

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Wow! I cannot believe how many trips and family visits you had in just one year. What an incredible blessing!

Unknown said...

You have inspired me to pick a word for my year too! Stay tuned! I have plans to blog about it...and!

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

Awesome post! It was a great recap of a year full of life, blessings, and God working. I think the picking a word for the year is a great idea, and Serve is a fantastic choice. I cant wait to read another year of your blogs. I might pick a word for the year as well, i just don't blog enough.

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