Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Party-ing it up!!!

We really had a great time this New Years eve! My parents came about 2pm in the afternoon. And the boys were so happy to see them.
We had a great end of the year dinner in Old Town at a place called "ingredient". It was good food!!!!
Fort Collins does a thing called First Night. First Night is very family friendly with lots of things to do. It runs from 6pm to 10:30 and all over old town are 1/2 hour shows in all different venues to go see. We saw the featured event first - Popovich comedy pet show! It was so good. And really kept the boys entertained too! We had a good time there.  We parked right on the main street and I didn't want to lose that great parking spot. So we decided to walk to all the different places. But it turned out that we probably walked about 2 miles total - which doesn't sound like much but it was between 10-15 degrees out the whole time!!! FREEZING! We were regretting a little bit- not having a stroller and being so late at night. It was really fun and the shows were much better than my expectations of them. So that's a good thing.
We stayed out all the way until 10:30 when we were supposed to see some fireworks. But supposedly they had set the few fireworks off early and then didn't have enough at the right time. So every one was congregated right in old town - but eventually the police men went around and told everyone that they weren't going to happen. WEIRD! How does that happen? Oh well - we still enjoyed a good night.
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Today I got up early and went for a run with some of my good friends on a very cold morning. :) Then came home and made a great breakfast for us all. And now working on hopefully a good dinner.. Bread with dipping oil, cesar salad with homemade dressing and an amazing pasta dish with artichoke, pesto and roasted red peppers and garlic. Then homemade caramel apple cheesecake bars. Don't you wish you were here? :) It's been a good first day of the new year!
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Terrible picture - but you get the idea, ha
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I'm hoping to have a recap post about 2012 - but it might have to wait until we get our computer situation worked out so that I can get to all my pictures from the year - otherwise it will take a while going through fb pics and uploading them to photobucket then onto here. But we'll see. :) Stay tuned :)

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Trina Mayfield said...

As always, I loved reading your blog post! Even though I am here with you, it is still nice to read what you have to say and see your pictures! It is great to be with you and your family again!

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