Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Musings

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I love this little plaque. It was given to us by our great group of friends in PA right before we moved our entire lives to CO with no job lined up. I love being reminded of it. And now looking back and seeing how our Faith has been strengthened through it.
Today is a good day. Officially all the holidays are over. We had guests for both Christmas and New Years, but they have all gone now, and my house is back in order.
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I'm writing today from our very own new computer. We are able to get both a new computer and a new camera b/c we got enough money for Christmas and also found a great deal on this computer.  I'm so thankful.  But don't ask me anything about it b/c Richard did all the research and knows all about it - I just blog. ha  Although it seems to have a few gliches we need to work out but I have no idea what it is I just hear Richard sighing in disgust as he's setting it up for two days straight! WE never seem to have good luck with cars or computers! No matter how careful, researched, or prepared we try to be. Anyways - we have a new computer and I will hopefully be back up to blogging again - with hopefully better pictures. :)
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Today I woke up determined to potty train Landon. He's been ready for a while, giving me all the signs. I just needed to buck up and do it. My method is complete immersion in the ordeal for two days straight. Hopefully it works for Landon like it did for Carson. So today has been filled with potty language (hehehe) snacks, juices and treats. So far so good. Being his mother I knew he was definitely ready for this endeavor.

This week I start babysitting a little baby. I only have her 2 days this week, but starting next week I will watch her 4 days a week for 8 hrs a day. It's a big endeavor and will probably affect my lifestyle a little. But I think overall with time it will work out just fine. I'm thankful for the extra income it will provide for our family. And I'm hoping it will just be like I have 3 kids now. She will go places with us and fit right into routine. (one of the reasons I need Landon to be potty trained this week is b/c otherwise I would have to wait a lot longer letting myself get adjusted to the new routines with another baby).

I feel like today is the day marking my new year. All the company is gone and settling into a new routine and schedule. I've been reminded throughout the entire day to Serve my family!
Not all days do I feel like this (so I need to capitalize on my positiveness today. :) ) - but maybe it's something about the new year and starting fresh. I really am so thankful I get to stay home and spend my whole day with these two boys taking care of my house.


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

Great post!!! Glad to hear about your new computer! Is it that new windows computer? That's great about Landon getting potty trained. I hope he gets it quick and you can settle into new phase nicely. Great news about the baby girl!! Love ya!!

Unknown said...

Well I'm not going to post 4 times like jerelyn but just wanted to tell you that you really do serve your family so well with little in return. We are all so lucky to have you.

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