Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Musings

One word to describe our Weekend and really the last week or so is

both of which make this mommy
very very happy!

Once again - sorry if I offend anyone who is appalled I would write about this - but it's oh so funny to me!
Carson has no idea!!!! This picture is so funny to me!

Playing in the last little pile of snow left in our parking lot!

Poor guy tripped/fell over a stick and got a bad scratch!
This is what our Sunday afternoon consisted of - naps. For some reason i feel exhuasted lately (and no, I'm no preggers). I think it's staying up late watching "lost" and running early in the morning a lot more miles than I'm used to. Anyways - Landon's napping has been a mess for a long time now (like months). I'm not quite sure what to do to remedy it and I feel like I've tried everything. This Sunday - it seemed right just to enjoy the snuggles and that we did - and it worked, we still all got naps. 

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Trina Mayfield said...

Poor Carson! That scratch does look bad and I hope it's gone in time for pictures of his 3rd birthday!!:-( And, maybe that's the solution for Landon - lay down and take a nap with him. Or maybe try not putting him in his crib and letting him sleep on the floor or on your bed. Anyway, it looks like you've had a great week!:-)

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