Tuesday, March 6, 2012

naptime thoughts

There's just something about having my little baby fall sleep in my lap that will always melt my heart. Landon is still adjusting to a nap schedule that mom is happy with and some days it just doesn't work. I read a great article HERE that really has convicted me and challenged me. 

 I hope you went and read that article! Because if you didn't - go click on it and then come back and finish mine! I don't know who that lady is - but God gave that article to me right when I needed it! I find myself feeling more selfish of my time and my rest and my space. Maybe it's because I've let sin creep in, maybe it's because believe it or not as my kids get a little bit older they get more demanding of time and attention. who knows! All I know is that this article reallly just made me realize - God is in control of my kid's lives and my life. He is always giving me what I need and it doesn't matter if that is what I think I "need/want" or what I feel like I need/want - God is providing me with rest, and time and love for these boys. I have to trust Him that he loves me and cares for me even in the midst of what I feel like is utter chaos in my home some days.
These children are a true gift from the Lord! And I need to treat them like they are a gift and thank God daily for each minute I get to sit with them and ENJOY them. even if it is the literally hundredth time I said the word apple after Landon points at it while he just stares at me blankly. Or building a cool train track for Carson only to have them fighting about it 2 seconds afterwards. They are a gift!!!! I CHOOSE to ENJOY these days! So I will CHOOSE JOY! I will CHOOSE to live believing I have a God who loves me and my children and is giving us the very best he has! And way more than we deserve!
And I truly hope that I will show my boys this reality! I want them to believe in a God who loves them b/c they saw their parents modeling true JOY and SATISFACTION and FAITH in a God who died for them, cares for them and provides for them!

Besides that  - they have a very awesome father who loves to spend time with them and pass on his love for golf :)
And then amidst all the chaos of every day life, amidst all the screaming/fighting and nose blowing and butt wiping and tiredness of every day -
A moment like THIS
happens! And it all goes away!
Pure peaceful emotion
overwhelms your heart. 
Seriously everytime I see this picture below I think
"How is this picture real, and how did we catch it on camera, and Can it please
happen again" :)


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

I loved this!! You word thing and communicate your heart so well!! I really wish I could speak it like that about the things I'm learning but I don't think it would come out like that :-) Thank you for showing and communicating your heart!! Love ya

The Horaks said...

Loved reading your thoughts, and the picture at the end is just precious! Thanks for sharing!

Emily Wagner said...

Love it Jess!!! Great read!!! What a wonderful family God has blessed you with! Be tender toward His teachings in the little "every-day" things of life!! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for linking to that article! It was a very needed and timely reminder! I needed to be reminded about exactly those things as I am struggle through my 1st trimester with #5. Oh how quickly I can forget the things God has taught me before. Thanks again.

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