Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Worst "chore" ever!!!!!!!!

So I know everyone has a chore that they hate doing! There is always one or two (or 5) things that any mother puts off as long as possible and does the least often as possible. Mine is Vacuuming!!!! Maybe it's b/c I grew up in Ecuador where floors were all cement, and we hardly had rugs to vacuum (notice I blame everything on living in a 3rd world country growing up). Anyways - I just hate it. I hate to move everything off the floor, I hate that the vacuum cleaner is so heavy, i hate having to take off the little hose to get in the crevices!! It's just so annoying. Our apartment has the living room (small) carpeted, and the stairs to upstairs and the bedrooms with carpet. It's also very easy to mask the need for vacuuming b/c of the color of the carpet, so that is a bad thing for me. I store the vacuum cleaner upstairs, so I always have to lug it down stairs to do the living room. And our house is pretty small, so there is not much Open space to just go through fast with the vacuum. (I'm getting really sick of typing "vacuum" and I have to think about it every time b/c the spelling is weird). All that coupled with the fact that it's such a loud noise. i hate loud noises, I don't like movie theaters b/c they are so loud, I don't like our coffee grinder, blender, or food processor b/c they are so loud! I don't even like the tv or music turned up. I must have sensitive ears or something, it drives me nutzo!!!! and it freaks out my babies, they hate it. (maybe it's b/c I don't do it that much) All that to admit that I don't vacuum that much!!!! i know that probably grosses EVERY ONE out!!! sorry, but I'm not even that ashamed to admit it. Richard does a lot of the vacuuming in this house. I know it's so gross. I sweep my kitchen at least once a day, and the thought of all that dirt being in my rugs sorta grosses me out, but I can't see it so I ignore it! I know - so gross. (we don't have animals though, so it's not terrible). Just dusty I think . . .
Well all this to say - I VACUUMED THE ENTIRE HOUSE TODAY!!!!!!!!! yes, every nook and cranny, every ounce of carpet, even the stairs even the crevices. I vacuumed. I was so proud of myself. I put it off all the time, I hardly get it done, and richard ends up doing it for me. but this week, I put it on my list of things to do - and I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!
The saddest part of all this - the entire time i was vacuuming I was thinking through what i was going to write about. hahahahaha, that's so weird and sad at the same time.

before you judge me - I clean my kitchen all the time, I do the dishes all the time, i clean my bathroom all the time, and i change my sheets and do my laundry very consistently. i even sorta enjoy doing cleaning my bathroom and kitchen. My stove is usually clean, along with my microwave, trashcan and toaster. :) So we don't live in a pigs sty, I just don't like to vacuum!
What's your most dreaded chore?


The Lockwoods said...

I LOVE to vaccuum. I find it the most rewarding job as I hear it get sucked and and as I empty the canister into the trash can!

kellyH said...

haha, you're funny! since our house is covered in dark blue carpet, I can only go 3-4 days at most without it looking so horrible I can't stand it! and then I always think that everyone else who has beige carpet has no idea how often floors need to be vacuumed. but I am looking forward to moving to beige carpet where I can forget also. :)
and no, you're not a bad housekeeper! all of us let things slide.

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