Monday, May 9, 2011

Who needs them anyways??!!??

Cars that is!!!!!

We have had so many car issues the last year and half. We have put dollars after dollars (lots of them) into getting our dumb car fixed and it still doesn't work!!!!!!
We have had our fuel pump replaced 2 times before this, and it broke again!!!!! Supposedly there is gunk in our fuel tank that keeps ruining our pumps, so now we have to pay $1000 to get a new fuel tank!!! And why didn't you do this the first time it broke, and before we paid you to fix it twice and all the other problems you decided to find when you were looking at our car???? This is my question to the mechanic. Richard is in charge of the cars and I am very thankful for that, but he always asks me what I think and talks with me before he decides anything. I appreciate that too. He has spent hours upon hours fixing things himself, figuring it out by himself, and then hours researching, and talking with the mechanic, and things just keep breaking!!! Big things too!!! (like wheel barrings, breaks, fuel pumps, electrical things)

We knew the fuel pump was going out earlier last week, but we were hoping it would limp around until after the weekend, since it was a very exciting weekend, and a very busy one, and one that we needed a car that fits our family in, so we could go to all the fun events. But no, after graduation rehearsal it decides to not turn on anymore!!!!!!!!!! (it was like it knew it was a busy weekend for us) (btw - everything did work out and we are grateful for friends/family who helped us out)
So here we are again, at the mercy of what the mechanic tells us to do. At the mercy of the internet and it's vast knowledge. And at the mercy of my husband's time constraints. He is so busy at it is, with life, and now this. :( poor guy!!!!
And now - do we just cut our loses, fix what we can, try to sell it, and buy a different van/car???? (with practically no money for downpayment or monthly payments) UGH!!!! Sometimes I wish my mom could make a decision for me again!!!!
Comments I've heard come out of Richard's mouth lately in regards to the car - "There needs to be automobile socialization - everyone has the same car! and when it breaks the government replaces it - and we don't have to worry about it." or "lets move to NYC and walk everywhere and use public transportation", or "we should've bought the Honda when we were deciding between the two 5 yrs ago" or "every time I ride in a newer vehicle I get slightly jealous that it runs nicely" or "I'm going to be stuck in Scranton forever b/c every time I try to figure things out to leave, something happens" (this one made me the most sad, b/c it shows his discouragement in the situation).
But we strive to find the "funny" in it. We know God always works it out, provides for all our needs, and takes care of us. I am confident we will be fine. Just praying for wisdom to make the right decisions
No this is not ours - but it's nice huh :)


Wally said...

Jess, we are right there with you!! We've made due w/ one car for awhile now, but with me heading back to work we can't quite figure out how to make things work w/ one. It just so happens to be the fuel pump that isn't working on Wally's car too and there's just no $$ to replace it. Hope things work out well!!

doddyj said...

Jess, enjoyed reading, since we have SO been there before! (Still are sometimes). Oh, and btw, we bought our Honda and within 2 months had to have the catalytic converter replaced, so I think it may just be cars in general...hmm...or cars that we can afford!

Haven't kept in touch with you or what's going on in your life recently, but I hope you're doing well!

-Jenn Dodd

Wally said...

First comment was from Mandy, must of been logged in under Wally's name somewhere :)

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