Thursday, May 5, 2011


This weekend is going to be full of Celebrations - and if you know me at all or my extended family - we LOVE celebrations :) (comes from my mom's side of the family).
First is Richard's Graduation from the Grad department at Baptist Bible College. He worked hard for 3 years, working full time and crazy irregular hours (24 hr response job to fire and water damages for home owners), he took all hard classes like Greek, Hebrew, and theology classes and got AWESOME grades all while trying to help out at church as much as possible, have a social life, and be a great father and husband. He sacrificed his hobbies, and money to maintain a stable family and keep his grades up, and always working hard to Glorify God in everything he did. He is a humble man and as faithful to people/commitments as anyone I know!!!!!
On Saturday he will walk in his regalia proudly. Though not the degree he originally planned for - he has learned so much, and we have grown so much in our lives and experience. I will proudly be there for him and probably be more excited that he is - or at least showing it. :)
It stinks that not more family can come out. But it is our fault. :) Richard is never one to do things inside the box and how everyone else is supposed to. Everything he does he likes to do different than the flow, so how could I expect his degree to be any different. :) We just found out a few short weeks ago this was a possibility so no time to plan for anyone. We know our family is proud of him, and they are as sad or more sad than we are that they cannot be here. One of his sisters will be here and we are happy for that. It still does not diminish the accomplishment. :)
(although I am having a hard time figuring out what to do with my boys b/c we don't have family in to help, but it will all work out ok)

Then the next celebration is Mother's Day!!! Is it obnoxious of me to be super excited about this day. I told Richard "this day is almost better than my birthday" :) My birthday I did nothing to obtain and love that day so much, but don't deserve any praise at all. Mother's day is thanking me for being a mother and all the work I put into it. All of us mothers out there understand it is constant sacrificing of everything, and we gladly do it!!!!! And Mother's day is the day we get recognized for it!!!!! WOOOHOO!!!! Richard is great at making it special too. He knows me well.
So I'm excitedly waiting for this weekend to come to do all the celebrating!!!!!!

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Trina Mayfield said...

I, personally, blame this excitement on parties and celebrations on Grammie, but boy, I'm glad she passed that on to us. Isn't it so fun?! Yes, we are very sad we can't be there for Richard's graduation, but our thoughts and hearts will definitely be there. CONGRATULATIONS, RICHARD! And, have a great Mother's Day, Jessica! They just get better and better all the time!

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