Thursday, April 28, 2011

What did we do for Easter

Our Easter weekend

We started out on Good friday, celebrating Daddy's birthday by having cookies and scones for breakfast, and then we went to a friends house to decorate eggs. It was fun to hang out and play with other friend's toys; but the whole egg decorating activity might be better in another year or so. :) it was a fun experience though.

Easter Sunday was a great day!!!! Woke up to such a sunny morning which was so refreshing for the gloomy cold weather we had been having. Got to take some pics outside which is always so nice. and even got some fun things in our "baskets". (except mommy was too cheap to buy them so we didn't really have the basket part :))

This is "US". Some days we love taking
pictures, other days we
love to annoy our parents and
not smile nicely.

We had a nice service at church and then rushed home for our wonderful Sunday afternoon naps. Mom and dad had to make some food, but us boys slept beautifully, and I'm sure mom and dad were really happy about that.

In the later afternoon we went to a friends house for some AWESOME food and a great egg hunt!! It was a very fun weekend full of activities. It was fun once again to play with tons of other kids, and all new/different toys.
We are so thankful for the Cross, and what Jesus did for us, and that he is risen and in Heaven. It's so nice to have one whole day to reflect on that - although my prayer is that we will be living it always.


Trina Mayfield said...

Even though I knew what you were doing or already knew what you did, I LOVE reading it on here! I'm so glad I can picture all that you were doing and now with these pictures, I know you had a fun time. Jessica, your kids are going to be such "social" kids, just like their mother!:-)

Unknown said...

Looks like a great day. Congrats on your decision to move - it could not have been an easy one.

Mrs. Frogster said...

adorable pics! secretly my favorite pics are always the ones with the one kid not cooperating - so candid and cute!

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