Friday, April 8, 2011


I can hardly contain my excitment today. Few of you know why - but for safety's sake, I will tell you all about it after this weekend. But I am SUPER excited!!!!!!

We got pictures taken the other week of our boys - 2 yr old ones and 6 month ones. We have friends that are starting out in the photography world, and they do a great job!!!! They did a complimentary session for us when Landon was first born, but this time we paid them (although not very much at all!!!!! Thank you to them)

So believe it or not I was stupid enough to decide to schedule the photo shoot on a sunday late afternoon. What was I thinking????? Our boys are the crankiest ever on sunday afternoons, with church and everything. If they get a good nap in, they wake up super cranky for some reason, and if they don't sleep good, they are cranky on Sunday afternoons. For some reason I thought it would be fine. So we rushed home from church, did lunch really fast, and threw them in them in their beds for naps. Of all the weeks, both of them took about an hour before they even fell asleep!!! Anxiety is starting to well up in me that they will be grumpy, then we wake them up (didn't let them sleep until they wake up) and literally throw them in the car to make it to our "apppointment" on time. Crying starts up, and they are very worked up about the ordeal!!!!
As we drive, I'm trying to calm myself, but realizing this is not going to be a very good photo shoot, and they are going to be very grumpy.
So I anxiously walk into the house sorta excusing ahead of time any outbursts of crying.
But guess what - lo and behold - they were so good!!! So happy!!!! pretty cooperative!!!
What a pleasant experience for everyone involved (at least the photographers told us that anyways) :)
Go here and here and here and here to see a little glimpse of them, and I will be sure to post more when we get them back!! ;)


Unknown said...

Glad your boys cooperated. I couldn't get to the photos. Also when I go to your site it always asks for a password for the smithstories...I cancel it out but just so you know...

Tiff said...

So cute!!!! Glad your boys were cooperative!

Trina Mayfield said...

I'm so glad they did so well and I can't wait to see which pictures I get for my frames!

kellyH said...

praise God! the pics look awesome!

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