Monday, April 11, 2011

Nothing like it!!!!!

There is nothing quite like a Weekend getaway with the love of your life once kids are involved in the mix of daily lives!!! I'm so thankful that this weekend worked out, and I'm so thankful that Richard worked so hard to make it possible (even by donating plasma so we could eat out a few times!!!) :) I think we appreciate these moments so much more b/c we realize how precious they are
We only went about an hour away to a place called Woodfield Manor in Paradise Valley (right around pocono Mountain area, close to Tannersville outlets) What a beautiful relaxing quiet place to retreat to together.

He was very happy to help me get a couple pictures
Neither of us enjoy taking them,
But we are so thankful to have them
in the end.
This was our little resort. very quiet and relaxing
Our little mini apartment/room. Had a fireplace and we
could crank the heat as much as we wanted
with no worry about the bill.
Very enjoyable little place.

We drove down on Friday night, and ate at a chain restaurant, and went back to our place to cozy up and watch a movie. That was a relaxing night. Saturday was a beautiful day!! So sunny. My loving husband even went on a run with me to show me how much he loves me. it was so quiet, peaceful and sunny. We went to a local diner for lunch, and he bought me a nice DD's iced coffee!!! (if you know me at all, I have a very open addiction to Dunkin Donuts, md French Vanilla Iced coffe, with Cream and sugar!!!!, It's very bad!!!) (but if I'm drinking hot coffee, give it to me black :))
This weekend happened to be the Masters (golf) and Richard was psyched that he had so much free time to watch it. :) and Since he ran with me, why not let him watch a little golf right?!? :)
We had plenty of time to relax, discuss things, and read, communicate about our future. Just what we needed for right now!

Saturday night we got all dressed up and went out to eat.
We had found a gift certificate
(which by the way is such a good deal)
So we tried out this place.
it was so tiny when we walked in. they had live jazz music playing.
everything was so enjoyable at that little quaint place.
food was great too!!

After dinner, we found a small coffee shop
(since we both love coffee!!!!)
and sat and enjoyed a nice quiet atmosphere in Stroudsburg
So now the weekend is over. What a joy to come home to pick up my boys!!!! Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in God, my relationship with my husband, and with life.
Of course, neither of my boys are phased by our coming home and were upset to leave the fun house with other boys to play with and cooler toys. :( But I don't take it personally and am thankful they were good while we were gone with no separation problems.
We have a lot of uncertainty coming in our future, but we are ready to face it head on, having Faith that God will lead us, just as he promised.


Trina Mayfield said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time. Those times away with your husband are so important and I'm glad you took it. And, I really like that the boys did so well too!

Helaine DeMarte said...

Sounds so fun! :) And I noticed your green coat in the last picture- it is finally warm enough up here for me to pull mine out. It doesn't button around baby, but I still like it and think of you each time I wear it. :) Love you!

Jessica said...

That's wonderful that you had a good time. Taking time out for vacations alone with my husband are soo necessary, I have realized since becoming a mom. It makes you remember why you fell in love in the first place and what matters most in a family.

Alyssa said...

How funny that I grew up in PA and that's where you live. You stayed very close to where my uncle lives! I'm so glad you had a fun, relaxing time. It does sound very nice. God will show you way.

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