Wednesday, April 13, 2011


If you've followed my blog long or know me for any length of time in person - you know that I LOVE COFFEE!!!!! I love waking up in the morning and smelling it brewing, then taking my first sip of the hot beverage and letting it warm up my insides as it goes down my throat. I grew up in South America so I have been drinking coffee since I was very little. (and even at one point in our lives, we grew coffee beans, dried them, roasted on open flame, ground and brewed it all ourselves). Everyone drinks coffee there as the morning beverage. They do put sugar in it, and a lot of it, or make it with milk, and I do like it all those ways. I say over and over how thankful I am that Richard started drinking coffee b/c now we can enjoy it together every day. We can go to coffee shops, we can buy good coffee, and we can always relax over a cup together. Now we drink it black and my husband thinks you're not a true coffee drinker unless you drink it black. (I am not picky as long as the coffee isn't too cheap, I can drink it anyway). It's better for you black, and costs less, and is easier. :)
B/c I love coffee so much, I'm always looking for "cool", comfy, trendy mugs. WE found one that I like a lot on this trip, so I bought it as a memory to have!


Trina Mayfield said...

I LOVE the new travel mug! I always say that you have to drink it (of course, mine is tea) in a COMFORTABLE cup/mug. This one looks very comfortable!

Katie Barker said...

Fun! I can't believe you grew your own coffee and roasted them and everything - that's super cool. I'm sure it makes you really enjoy a good cup.

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