Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not what I had in Mind

I am always thinking I don't do enough developmental things with my 2 year old. he has always been pretty easy going, and played well by himself. I myself was never very good at inventing games or playing with things as a kid, so I'm finding it hard to relate to my kids, I always since I can remember loved sitting with adults.
I had seen on someone's blog that their toddler played with water pouring it back and forth from containers and that it was a good thing for them to work on. This lady had a boy, and he was on a towel. So I think, good idea - pour a little bit of water into a pitcher give him some containers, and say, ok, have at it!!!! The very first thing before I can even show him what to do, he dumps all the water out onto the towel!!!!! (guess I'll have to try it in the tub or outside first). then I remember, oh, I've also seen beans been done before. So I open a package of dried beans and pour them out, what's the first thing he does??? yup, you got it, dumps them all out.

right next to his brother on the floor. I did
try to pay close attention that
his brother was not rolling over
and putting them in his mouth.
Now also know about me, I'm a little OCD (or something like that) about messes in my house. I'm not the cleanest/neatest/most organized person, but messes I can't handle. It has taken me a while to just let all the toys be out at the same time, without picking them up and putting them back in, as he put them down. So this whole bean thing was driving me nuts. I kept cleaning them up, and putting them back in the container as he kept spilling them everywhere. hahah
He did play for a while with them, and did enjoy playing with them, and did dump them back and forth from the containers, while making a mess. And I got supper prepared, and the dishes done. :) And beans were pretty easy to clean up. :) All in all - a good activity for a rainy day.
What a goofy kid - where do they come up with this stuff?


Trina Mayfield said...

This post just made me laugh so much! I can totally picture it - him dumping them as quick as you picked them up and put them back in! Anyway, the beans definitely seemed better than the water to me - and it will even be better if you do it outside in the spring. It sounds like you have great ideas with your kids! I'm not sure I ever let you do that!!!! Good job, Jessica!

kellyH said...

you're brave! I saw the water post and thought that would never work for graham! the chances of him not dumping all over the floor was too great. :) the beans sound like a good plan though!

Jessica said...

I love this idea! However, I'm sure that my daughter would end up trying to eat most of the beans. (sigh) It takes a real effort to come up with games as moms, but it's so worth it. It looks like your little boy had fun so that's really what matters! Good job, mama!

Marcia said...

I tried teaching Carolyn to "pour" things using some rice outside and she just loves dumping it out on the ground. Maybe I'll wait until she is a little older, or use water in the summer. :)

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