Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How do you say thank you

My heart is filled with gratitude towards dear new friends of ours.
Just within a year we have gotten to know them. They have twin boys only a couple weeks younger than my oldest, Carson. Carson loves playing with them at church and the couple times we've gotten together with them. Excellent parents who are doing a great job raising twin boys.
When Richard and I were thinking about going on our getaway we were trying to think of who can watch our boys.

you see, we live in Scranton
with only one sibling near by,
she happens to have 3 boys under 3 of her own.
As much as she does great with our boys,
and we trust her completely b/c she is family,
i did not want to burden her for 2 whole nights.

This new couple was an option. (helpful husband so wife didn't have to do it all herself, big enough house, and available car space) When we asked them if it is even a possibility - they were more than willing to do it so unselfishly. They realize the blessing of having family near by for themselves, and were wanting to help us out for Richard and I to be able to enjoy ourselves. They even did it happily so happily without one complaint (at least to my face hahaha). I know it's no small thing to take care of someone else's 2 boys. I am so blessed and hope that one day I will be able to help another family out in the same way!!!
I do have a few options in mind of how to say thank you - but would be open to suggestions. :) (they wouldn't take money from us. :( )


Unknown said...
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Rebecca said...

You could just randomly one night ask to bring dinner over. I have had several people do that and it is such a blessing.

Jessica said...

I agree with Rebecca, dinner would be nice. Or, perhaps a homemade gift basket and card. And thinks it's wonderful that you met such a great family nearby. It always nice to have people you trust that are willing to help.

Trina Mayfield said...

I'm sure you have great ideas of how to do it but a family night basket is always good - something for everyone in it - or a gift card for their whole family to go out to eat. I'm so glad they were able to take care of the boys for you and that you and Richard had such a good time! Nothing better than GOOD FRIENDS!

Laura said...

I remember distinctly how you guys thanked us a couple of years ago when Brent helped at your house---you gave us a gift card for dinner and then babysat our kids while we enjoyed a night out. I still think back to how much I enjoyed that evening!

Tim, Kristen , Megan, Emily, and Anna said...

I also would vote for a gift card for the couple to go out to eat, and you guys babysit. I love being able to go out with my hubby, and when the food is free, it is even better!

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