Thursday, April 28, 2011


Haven't posted in a few days - not sure what's been happening but didn't have time, but don't have anything to show for my busyness, it's weird how that happens sometimes. :)

So as I've alluded to a few times on my blog - we're sorta heading to a big transition in our lives. We've been taking our time deciding and praying and figuring things out. Richard has always been "slower" but wiser at decision making than me, and we compliment each other well.

So I'll back up a little. We moved to Scranton area in November 2007 to start Seminary classes in the Master of Divinity program at Baptist Bible Seminary. We came committed to doing 2 full years, and staying out of debt, paying for it out of pocket. Our (richard's) goals were to take as many biblical language classes as he could, and as many theology classes as he could in that time, and also work through some issues he wanted to nail down in his mind.
We also wanted to discover who we were going to be as a couple. What kind of church we wanted to be in long term, where God would have us minister, and what kind of ministry, and to start our family.
It's been about 3 and half years. And we are probably going to move this summer. It's sorta hard to announce to everyone, b/c I don't want to be taken the wrong way. We hate that we wonder if people will think we're bailing on something, or that we gave up, or that we just don't like it here. None of those things are true, so we want so desperately for no one to think that of us. it helps us to remember the goals we had when we came and to realize that all those things happened. It's just time to move on.
So in admitting that it's time to move on, (if we stay we feel like we will just become stagnant in our lives, and complacent and just drift in life, but not b/c of our current situation, more b/c we have an ulitmate goal of being out west in a church out there) - comes the whole question of school!!!! it's something we both have thought A LOT about!!!!! we are committed to not take out loans, but we also want to have a degree and something to show for the work that we (really only Richard) has done. It's easy to start wishing you had someone else's life that gets a good job that pays for seminary, or a good church situation that helps, or people that for some reason things work out towards going through a Master of Divinity. but we have to always come back to our convictions and our goals. And God's ultimate purpose in our lives - to glorify him and serve him by loving others. So classes at this point aren't too much of an option and we honestly sought after different scenarios to see if they would work out to further school, and none of them seemed to pan out. So we take that to mean - God is ready for us to move on.
So what do we do with the over 33 or 35 (or something like that) credits that we have paid for and done all the work for. Well, God graciously has allowed Richard to transfer them to a Master of Arts Program here, and he will be graduating on May 7th with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies. Which will not prevent him from one day continuing on with his M. Div degree, but allows us to leave here with something in our hand and the time and money here not wasted!!!!!!
This is a huge relief to us!!!! An unspoken prayer that God so mercifully answered for us.
We are so thankful that this was able to work out! And it makes us feel so much better about moving on.
Now we wait for God to show us exactly where and when and how to move on. We do have a couple options we are looking into - but we are patiently and confidently waiting and trusting on the Lord to show us the way and guide us.
But I will be one proud wife, watching Richard graduate with a Masters. :)


Stephani said...

Congratulations! I'll be getting my M. Ed (in absentia because I'll be at my sister's wedding). That's wonderful! But we'll miss you when you move away... I can totally understand about the drifting/stagnation part though. Progress is important. So happy for you guys!

Trina Mayfield said...

We are so GLAD this worked out! We are so happy for you and Richard (and by the way, a wife of a seminary student also graduates because you put him through those classes!!!!)! We are so sad we can't be there to encourage, support and congratulate you both! We will be doing that from here in Ecuador - you can be sure!!!!

Team Worth said...

We will miss you a lot :) But, I'm sure it's super exciting for you guys( and sad). Hope all the details come together for the move!We have enjoyed building a good friendship with you both. Where will you move?

Michelle said...

I am crying for so many reasons right now. One, that God has blessed Richard with a degree...what a PRAISE to God for such an honor as that!!! Two, because I love you SO much. Three, because I'm going to miss you like stinkin' CRAZY. I have deeply longed for a friend such as you for so many my heart grieves at the thought of you leaving. Four, I cry because I admire your heart for your Lord and Savior. You and Richard are an inspiration to us and I would die well knowing I lived half as good as you two. Thanks for sharing your heart and what God is doing in your lives.

No matter where the Lord leads you from here, you have a friend in me. For a life-time.

jeileenbaylor said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you all! Graduate work is a lot of hard work for the hubby and the wife ;) I'm so happy he could turn it into degree before you head onto what God has for you!

Jenn said...

Jess, i'm so glad to hear that God worked out the degree for Richard! What a neat blessing for you guys! It's encouraging to me to hear that you guys have decided to follow God's will for you even though it may not make sense to everyone around you. I know that's hard to do! May your transition be smooth and full of God's blessings!

kellyH said...

congrats to both of you! that is so exciting to have something official to show for all the time/effort/money you put into schooling. I well know how great it is to have that feeling. praying God's best for you as you make these big decisions for the coming days!

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