Saturday, October 22, 2011

Galloping Goose 10K

Today was the "long"-awaited 10K race! I had the privilege of starting off with my awesome Sister in Law! My Goal starting out this year was to run a 10K before the winter came, and when we decided to move I wondered if it would really happen. Thankful that my sis in law took the initiative to find this race for us so we had something to aim towards. :) Once you register there is no turning back. 
I also had been training pretty good until about 2 weeks before the race. i felt confident in it until then. :( B/c we were so busy it was hard to get good runs in, so I was a little unprepared. Also something I didnt' take into consideration was that the course was all gravel. This really makes a difference - less traction or something, i was way more tired than usual. Plus the course seemed exceptionally hilly. With a huge hill on mile 1 and 4 and then many smaller rolling hills the rest of the run! I was pretty exhausted by the end. I had wanted to make it under an hour and i really wanted to do about a 56 minutes or less. Sadly I could not accomplish any of my goals. :( Maybe I should learn to not underestimate running in Colorado, see here
I ran it in 1 hour and 9 sec.  avg pace 9:39 min mile
6th in my age category
46th overall
(there were not that many runners) 
I guess I'm happy with 6th in my age category. :) (18-29)
Autumn and I before the race
nervous but ready

Carson had so much fun playing with his Cousin Aspen

 I love these next few pictures: 
Landon 13 months, Axel 10 months (twins) :)
I love how they are looking at each other

I love his hand on landon's back

Finishing very tired
But loved hearing Carson yelling
"mommy" as I came through the finish line

Autumn finishing well
 After our race we went straight to the Denver Zoo! It's a great Zoo! And beautiful weather! The first time we've taken the boys and it was so fun!
See the tiger to the left of them?

There really is a polar bear behind us :)
Look at Landon's great smile!


Then they rode the Carousel ride at the end!
It was fun to spend the day with family. We were all tired after a few hours of the Zoo and we only saw about half of it! But it was still such a great day!

Now I'm at home resting. :)


doddyj said...

Wow! What a long day for you! If I raced, I would definitely crash on my bed the rest of the day. :) Guess I'm lazy.... you have a lot of determination Jess. That's so admirable.

Tiff said...

Good job finishing your 10K! Looks like the boys had fun at the zoo!=)

Trina Mayfield said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! GREAT JOB and keep up the good work!

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