Thursday, October 13, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

This week and next week are choc full of activities.

The week started pretty slow but quickly picked up. Tuesday night we had one of the Pastors and his wife over for dinner. (although that was not hard b/c they brought it to us! How wonderful). WE had a great time chatting with them and getting to know them.

Wednesday I had a mommy park date with a few moms from our church. WE are slowly trying to build up this group of woman and encourage each other. It was perfect weather for it, and we had a great time.
Last night my in laws arrived. What a joy to see Carson now recognizing them and interacting with them since we can see them a little more frequently now that we live only 5 hrs from them. (his age might help with that too) but what a joy to have them in our house.

Today I'm taking a meal to a wonderful new mother in our church, then fixing dinner for us and my in laws, then we have our life group tonight. Full of activity and I love it.

Tomorrow we head down to Denver to spend the day with our other family that lives there and cousins. So happy to be able to see these family members more often (although, boy do we miss the two families out East, and Carson misses those cousins too, I hate that we have to live so far away from someone, and we can't all live close to everyone, in Colorado of course. hehehe)  Richard will meet us down in Denver for dinner and I'm pretty sure we are going to Casa Bonita!!!!! (it's been since childhood I think since I've been to that restaurant, and it is a great experience especially for kids, if you're in the area with kids, try to go there, it's a trademark)
On Saturday I will be flying out to Minneapolis with the boys to see my mother and sister who just had her very first baby!!!!! (Congrats! Juli you're doing great as a new mom)  i cannot wait to spend this time with my sister and mother, although the trip out there does make me a little nervous. Richard will stay home and hold down the fort for us, and be responsible and work. :)

I get back late Wednesday. We are busy on Thursday and Friday night with activities and then Saturday the 22nd is my big 10K race! WOW! I feel ready now, but have no idea how I will keep it up with being gone and being so busy. So let's hope the training I did ahead of time will pay off with a week and half small break. I hope to at least run 3 more times before next weekend, we'll see if I  can pull it off.

So needless to say - I"M BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!
My boys are sensing it too - they are really off their rockers since they were sick last weekend, and since mommy is a little stressed out. so we'll see how it goes. Lots of fun things, but busy things.
I probably won't be posting much = but I hope to post pictures of all the activities and things as soon as I can!

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Unknown said...

It's so nice to "see" you and your family. Sorry to hear you all were sick. The picture of Landon on his wheelie toy is funny. I remember those things and it seems like they happened forever ago,,, because Lizzy is 10 now.

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